After many years of giving my GIFTS I am now answering the CALL to train and mentor Honest, Humble, Authentic, Grounded, High Integrity helpers, healers and guides who walk their talk.

Are you…

DEDICATED to your own self healing?

CALLED to serve others but have no idea what that looks like OR you are ready to deepen and grow your connection to your GIFTS?

PASSIONATE about sharing the GIFTS that have helped you heal and grow?

READY to move beyond the resistance, blockages and barriers that stand in the way of you helping others? 

SEEKING Mentorship and Guidance for the next steps on your personal and/or professional healing path?



A Helper, Healer or Guide is…

Someone who has received the CALL to SERVE others by sharing their unique GIFTS with the world.


This Is For You If…

You have been wanting to HELP others and are looking for grounded high integrity training, mentorship and guidance to help you get your healing gifts out to the world.

We welcome you whether you are a stay at home mom, a reiki master, a massage therapist or a human resources exec.

All that is required is a curious and open heart.

Four Levels Of Training

Level 1: The Healing: First things first, we have to HEAL THE HEALER. Because the gift you have to give wants to be given to you first.

Level 2: The GIFTS: Then we focus on your GIFT. We will IDENTIFY, “CALL IN”, CLAIM, HONE, HONOR, COMMUNICATE, EMBODY and COMMIT to your GIFT.

Level 3: Giving the GIFT: Once the blockages to serving are seen and you have identified and committed to your unique GIFT… NOW we can build YOUR SOUL FILLED BUSINESS.

Level 4: The Initiation: Your training culminates in the Yucatan as a 8 day intensive where you will receive the SACRED HEALER’S INITIATION from my mentor, Master Mayan healer, Abuelo Antonio, and receive Healer, Helper, Guide certification from Heather Lindemenn.

**NOTE: Attending Level 4, “The Initiation” requires completion of Level 1 and 2.


After 20 years of working on myself, Heather was able to call out the elephant in the room that I just wasn’t seeing.  I saw direct results from working with her.  She is direct, yet fully supportive. She is like an alarm clock with fun music you can dance to. If you are seeking a masterful Mentor and Guide work with Heather.

Elise Purcell

Integration For Life


  • Heal the Healer

  • Identify and REMOVE THE BLOCKS that stand in the way of serving with your unique GIFTS

  • Connect to your own internal guidance

  • Learn how to ACTIVATE, TRUST and ACT on your intuition

  • Learn how to SET, HOLD and CLEAR sacred space

  • Identify, “CALL IN”, CLAIM, HONE, HONOR, communicate, embody and COMMIT to  your GIFT.

  • Connect to and COMMUNICATE to the SOUL or BEING of your GIFT

  • Understanding the “Cycles of Creativity” meaning we can’t give 24/7 and what to do in the meantime

  • Learn how to set Boundaries with clients, friends, family and self

  • Learn loving self care

  • Learning how to Ditch the Queen and Be the Goddess.™

  • Discover where you are and where you are going in the 3 “levels of service”

  • How to go from FREE to PAID and when. (If that is your desire)

  • Heal your relationship with MONEY, SELF-WORTH AND VALUE

  • Take a SACRED journey to the Yucatan

  • Learn the ART of SACRED travel

  • Learn how to work with POWERFUL energetic fields of the world

  • RECEIVE the SACRED HEALER’S INITIATION from a Master Mayan healer

I took the leap 10 years ago to fully commit to my GIFT…


Heather Lindemenn

Heather Lindemenn

When I look back on my life I can now see that I was being prepared for my role as a Helper, Healer and Guide since a very early age.

Like many people called onto the path of helping and healing, my childhood was RIPE with opportunities to help me grow. I began sitting in a healing circle at 15 and  after high school I passionately pursued my degree in psychology while working as a  counselor at a residential treatment center for adolescents.

When I was 23 my mother passed away from Cancer and I found myself in massage school. It was here that my intuition awakened, a capacity to see and feel “stuck” energy in the physical body was accessed as well as the ability to SEE and connect with those who had passed. Fueled by curiosity I received training in several energetic healing practices, worked with master healers and intuitives in California and Hawaii and entered into a deep relationship with SOURCE through meditation, singing kirtan and practicing embodied movement.

In my mid 30’s I began to work with one of my most important teachers with whom I traveled and trained with extensively in the Yucatan. While working with her I received training from indigenous Shamans and Healers and received instruction on how to work in and with powerful energetic fields such as the Mayan energetic field.

Some years later the calling arrived to lead my own groups, I felt totally unprepared and suffered immensely from the “who am I to help others” syndrome. In an effort to get the nagging voice in my heart to stop, I did eventually answer the call and facilitated my first women’s group in my living room.

Since then I have facilitated countless women’s circles, workshops, classes, retreats and one on one sessions. I have studied in India, Bali and have begun leading and guiding my own groups into the Yucatan where we work with a master Mayan Healer. I have received additional trainings in breathwork, embodiment and sexual polarity.


Read more about Heather HERE

Nicole Lombardo

Nicole Lombardo

There is nothing I love more than witnessing a woman finally step into her own and move through her life as an empowered healer radiating with clarity and confidence.

I have found when a woman creates a business that makes her proud, that makes her family and friends proud, she embraces her healing power, and lives a life so grounded in passion and lit up with freedom that she often looks around in giddy disbelief.

There is nothing more beautiful than that transformation.

My gifts have always been to help others create the life & businesses of their dreams. When you meet me, you will know I mean “business” but there is a lot more to me then my business knowledge.

You see I am a woman of many passions, and it is these passions that fuel my overall purpose “to help others discover their ah-ha moment and guide them in their journey to creating the life and business they dream of all through my gift of being a healer”.

My healing gifts are expressed through helping women with their mindset, bathing them in love, teaching them the value of their self worth and giving them the life and business tools to go out into the world to share their gifts.

For the last 10 years I have been building my online businesses & helping other entrepreneurs do the same through Get It Done Gals Business Coaching & Savvy CEO School.


Read MORE about Nicole HERE

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