I am interested in guiding you on a Journey that will change your life forever.

If you are seeking spiritual knowledge, tips or the latest life-balance fad keep looking…

If you would like to live an extraordinary life feeling connected to all that is –

a life where you deeply and intimately experience your loved ones, the freedom that comes when you can forgive those you don’t love so much,

if you’re finally ready to say goodbye to inner conflict, confusion and resistance, and you have this deep need to finally remove the block between you and
the Source from which you came…


I’m so very glad you came. Please stay awhile.


1. My super power is a laser focus that reveals what is standing in the way of the life you wish to live (think red-hot knife through frozen butter).

2. I have ALWAYS been described as mischievous. ALWAYS.

3. I don’t meditate.

4.  I like coffee, wine, cheese and bread (in that order) and I eat organic food, chia seeds and yes, kale.


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I’m not a coach. I’m no guru.


Ain’t no accountability check-ins or cheerleading going on over here.


What I do best–my gifting–is in my ability to clearly see what you can’t see right now.

To help you find and stand in the light of truth so you, too, can live a fully liberated life. My mission, as I have chosen to accept it, is to guide you on a journey of epic healing into grace where you can experience extraordinary freedom.

You, too, can have an intervention of divine sorts that can change the very course of your life.

Here’s to epic soul shifts…


Various life experiences have delivered me to where I am today. The most significant turn of events happened when I was 23. My mother, who was also my best friend, died. From there, life took me by the scruff of the neck and thus began a 20-plus year initiation into the mystery and experience of what it means to be human.

First things first: Death, rebirth, marriage, infertility, divorce, hatred of my body,
experience of radical anger and rage, BLAME, BLAME, BLAME, BLAME, BLAME,
failure in business and a total lack of trust in God.

Enter GRACE! (aka Divine intervention) In the middle of the above stated messiness I was introduced to a kick-ass spiritual teacher and not one, not two, but THREE living Avatars. All of who showed me that the launch pad for experiencing an extraordinary life starts with a ruthless exploration of my internal world. This was where my true transformation began. My first teacher used to say, “We burden life with carrying the face of our wounds”. It took the strength of a warrior to see that the scary movie of my life starred my unresolved issues and me…OUCH!

Armed with said Grace, the masterful guidance of my teachers, guides and my newly adopted warrior stance, a ruthless exploration of my internal world began. (This was not therapy people!) This was teachings and processes that took me deep inside me to “SEE” and experience what I was resisting about myself.  What I became aware of was that the root of my suffering was the resistance to FEEL. As I experienced myself fully (that means all parts, not just the pretty ones) my resistance began to dissolve. As my resistance dissolved I began to heal and grow inside. This internal healing and growth ushered in the experience of happiness and joy in my external world. From that came a DEEP DEVOTION, CONNECTION and LOVE for God.

I experienced ACCEPTANCE of myself and my relationships with my family began to heal.

BONUS, my lifelong battle with money was extinguished. Then I met my husband Jim (when that happened I patted myself on the back “Job well done Miss Heather”). Jim has gifted me with a beautiful and openhearted stepdaughter; we have a love-filled home and two delicious doggies.

Yes, my life is transformed from the horror film of the past AND while I was growing and transforming a voice in me grew that said SERVE OTHERS, GIFT OTHERS WITH THE GRACE AND GUIDANCE THAT HAS HELPED YOU. Honestly, the voice became so strong that I facilitated my first Women’s CIRCLE just to get God off my back. From there on, I was in the tractor beam of what I came here to do. Facilitate and guide people into a HOLY SHIFTED, EPIC, LIBERATED, Grace filled Life!