I had to make a descent in order to recover the Root…

The willingness to truly know myself, to resolve my suffering and heal took me on a journey down into the territory of my SOUL.

And what I realized was this journey required me to get out of my head.

I had to begin at the trailhead of the Heart.

So I’m wondering if right here, right now, before you read about me, if we could meet there?

Hello Friend, I’m Heather. I am a Helper, Healer, Mentor and Guide.

About Me

My journey isn’t new.

It’s an OLD, ancient journey into the root of Wisdom.

I didn’t get put on the path.

I had to decide that I was willing to go.

I had to make a move.

I didn’t get hit by a lightning bolt and the Universe instantly revealed the answers to my problems.

I had to do the work.

Because there is no Spiritual Lottery

Traveling to an unknown territory is a lot like walking in a dark forest with no light.

In order to see, you need a Guide.

I needed someone who had been there before…knew the territory well…and could help me see what had been there all along.

Together, we went deep, down into the root and recovered the source of my suffering.

I finally found out WHY I kept manifesting the same painful experiences.

But that was just the beginning of the journey.

In order to heal, I had to go deeper into the retrieval grounds of my SOUL.

It was here that I recovered the voice of my inner knowing…my Inner Elder.

I remembered my purpose…And what stands in the way of me doing it

I could access the answers. 

A journey into SOUL is never a pivot, never upward, but always a decent further down… into rich unknown territory.

It takes you to a sacred place deep inside that holds ancient wisdom.

If you are seeking spiritual knowledge, tips or the latest life-balance fad with frothed up affirmations…keep looking… If you’re ready to make the descent to recover your ROOT.

Welcome Friend.

Choose your path