Annual New Year Workshop, 2020

DATE + TIME: December 31st, 9:30 am-12:00pm PT

We gather LIVE via Zoom. Recording will be sent to all who register 24 hours after workshop. 

LIVE participation is encouraged. 

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$ 38.00

The year of the Inner Elder

New Year Workshop

The word NEW carries HOPE.

A New Day, New YOU, NEW Beginning


But here’s something I don’t think we realize.

The word NEW also means YOUNG.

You know, like unexperienced, undeveloped, unresourced.

Stay with me…

On the eve of every New Year we enter into a RITUAL that goes something like this…

You journal, reflect and say goodby to the last year. And maybe you thank the stuff that was hard because it feels like if you thank it, and give it a good ol namaste , it will actually stay where you want it, in the past.

Next you get properly frothed up about what you want in the coming year. Like to lose 20 lbs, grow your business, make more money, be more organized, loving and forgiving…

Oh, and there might be a fire where old journals, photos, and intentions are burned. Some tears, no more’s and never agains are sobbed into the flames. And then you pick a NEW word for the coming year, like, Business Badass (Ok tha’ts two words but it’s ok!)

You did good work, so IT should WORK, right?

Well despite the elaborate RITUAL and ALL the time you spent on your resolutions, and I forgot the dream board, god it’s BEAUTIFUL! But a few weeks into the NEW year you realize you’ve started negotiating away your resolutions for more fun things like online shopping, donuts, and gossip.

It happens to ALL OF US.

Have you ever asked yourself WHY?

WHY do we keep repeating the same RITUAL year after year if it doesn’t work?

It happens because we put our NEW behaviors and our NEW desires and the entire New Year, that’s just starting out, like a freshly planted SEED or a KID, into the hands of a part of ourselves that’s also NEW (ahem, young)!

More simply said, many of us, unknowingly enter into the Territory of a NEW Year with our inner child in charge.

THAT’S WHY you lack the commitment, and discipline to follow through on what you say you want.

Because children can’t do any of those things!

But guess what part of you can?

Your Inner Elder.

Yes, just like your inner child, who many of you know intimately, and may have spent thousands of dollars in therapy talking to, yes just like her, you also have an INNER ELDER.

This aspect of you has been with you for LIFETIMES, SHE is WISE, SHE has seen it all, and SHE is waiting to be placed in charge of the young, undeveloped NEW YEAR ahead.

Your NEW Year needs an OLD SOUL.

Think of it like this… Instead of happy NEW year we could call it Happy YOUNG year, and tend to it accordingly.

Welcome to 2021, The Year of the Inner Elder!


After 20 years of working on myself, Heather was able to call out the elephant in the room that I just wasn't seeing.

I saw direct and immediate results from working with her.  She is direct, yet fully supportive. She is like an alarm clock with fun music you can dance to. If you want a big change, work with Heather. Elise Purcell, Encinitas Ca.

I have made more progress in my healing process in a short amount of time working with Heather than in all the years I've done with others, she is truly gifted!!!

Heather is a brilliant facilitator. Her embodiment of a compassionate mother, coupled with fierce leader,
invites both safety, and courage, as you journey within.

Lisa Goldman, Encinitas Ca.

Thank you so much for the amazing workshop!

I cannot express in words how immensely valuable it was for me. You truly helped me reconnect with my soul work, and I loved being in the company of such amazing women who are committed to expanding meaning in their lives CM, LA Ca.

Together we will:


Look back and connect with 2020 in a whole NEW way.


DISCOVER who is currently in charge of the most important area of life that you wish to shift in 2021.


REMEMBER how to access and communicate with the wisest aspect of you, your Inner Elder.


EXPERIENCE a mystial process for deciding which of your resolutions to work on first.


RECEIVE a personal and unique message from 2021.

Plus so much more!



Soul Streams™ my NEW deep end Journaling process.


Trance Work to access the Elder within.


Symbol Speak™ Receive a message from 2021.


Breakout Rooms, because we need to see each other, hear each other, KNOW each other more than ever before!


BONUS: Participants in the Anual New Year worshop will receive a PROMO code for $50.00 off Navigating te Territory of NEW.

Hello Friend, I’m Heather. I am a Helper, Healer, Mentor and Guide.

Heather Lindemenn is a well traveled guide of the Mysteries, masterful storyteller and mentor to those looking for deeply grounded guidance on their healing journey.

Heather believes everyone has the ability to heal their own wounds by traveling into the territory of the SOUL, where the ROOTS of wisdom reside, and the answers we seek are waiting to be retrieved. 

Her work teaches us how to communicate with SOUL through combining the mystical medicine of DreamWork, circle, ceremony and rituals, sacred storytelling, BreathWork and embodied movement. 

Heather lives in San Diego, California with her husband Jim, stepdaughter Samantha, two dogs, Mattie, and Cooper and is the momma to The Momma Yurt retreat center.