Breathe Here NOW

Downloadable BreathWork Audio bundle.

Includes 8 Audios + Printable PDF Journal sheets

BreathWork takes you out of our head and delivers you directly into the territory of your wise and knowing SOUL.

This is an online, self-study course. You can register anytime!


Welcome to Breathe Here NOW

The technique facilitated in Breath Here NOW Audio Bundle is gentle on the body and EASY to practice.

It helps relieve stress and anxiety AND quiets the mind.

BreathWork promotes better sleep better, it can help you feel more peaceful and increases creativity too.

But the REAL reason I am bringing THIS BreathWork technique to you is because it will help you REMEMBER…

Whenever we work together my goal is to help you RETRIEVE something VITAL.

Something you already have, and something you simply can no longer live without REMEMBERING.

Like your value, your place and belonging in this world and what you came here to do. Courage, self love, and the capacity to forgive and as simple as it sounds, knowing the best next step is in all of us…

You just need to REMEMBER.

Enter BreathWork

Friend, are you wanting to connect with your inner Guidance?

Would you like to feel confident in knowing the best next step to take in life?

Is it important for you to EXPERIENCE deep gratitude, surrender and forgiveness?

Do you need an easy tool to de-stress and ease anxiety?

Do you need better sleep?

If you answered YES to any of these, then Breathe Here NOW audio BreathWork bundle may be just the tool you have been looking for.


Heather is a master guide in this sacred realm of Breath Work.

She is a brilliant facilitator – using our breath as our guide – into the soulful territory of self.

Her embodiment of a compassionate mother, coupled with fierce leader,
invites both safety, and courage, as you journey within.

Lisa Goldman, Encinitas Ca.

Benefits of BreathWork:


QUICKLY experience peace, clarity and a deep connection to your SOUL.


EASILY releases tension and deeply held emotions within the body.


HELPS you fall asleep and stay asleep!


RELEASE long held and stuck emotions.


GUIDES you to arrive at the best next step to take in life.


EXPERIENCE deep gratitude, surrender and forgiveness.


RECEIVE inner Guidance.


DELIVERS you to the doorstep of SOUL.


ACTIVATES the Mysteries in your life.


Promotes DREAMS

Plus so much more!

The 8-Audio Course Includes:


START HERE: This is where we BEGIN. I walk you through a step-by-step Guide on how to to use the BreathWork Bundle. Plus I’ll share a little bit about myself and my journey with this BreathWork practice and I’ll also discuss WHY, after facilitating several different BreathWork techniques, I found THIS ONE to be the easiest and the most potent!


Audio #1 Introduction: How to successfully set up for BreathWork practice.


Audio #2 Instruction: For anyone who is NEW to this 3 part BreathWork technique, and for those who have practiced before but need a little refresher, I offer CLEAR step by step instruction on how to do this EASY, simple BreathWork practice.


10 min BreathWork session: PERFECT for beginners or anyone short on time or energy.


15 min BreathWork session


20 min BreathWork session


BONUS DEEP REST Process Instruction


Printable PDF Guided BreathWork Sheets

ACCESSING The AUDIOS is easy!  You will receive two emails immediately after purchase, one with your login details and the other with a CLEAR, DETAILED step-by-step guide on how to access the audios. Voila, just like that you have a library of BreathWork practices and my NEW DEEP REST process at your fingertips! And we are here to help if something is wonky! Just email


Hello Friend, I’m Heather. I am a Helper, Healer, Mentor and Guide.

Heather Lindemenn is a well traveled guide of the Mysteries, masterful storyteller and mentor to those looking for deeply grounded guidance on their healing journey.

Heather believes everyone has the ability to heal their own wounds by traveling into the territory of the SOUL, where the ROOTS of wisdom reside, and the answers we seek are waiting to be retrieved. 

Her work teaches us how to communicate with SOUL through combining the mystical medicine of DreamWork, circle, ceremony and rituals, sacred storytelling, BreathWork and embodied movement. 

Heather lives in San Diego, California with her husband Jim, stepdaughter Samantha, two dogs, Mattie, and Cooper and is the momma to The Momma Yurt retreat center.


Doing one session with you explained everything!

You gave me permission to cross that threshold of my feelings, fears and pain and into the realm of love, safety, wholeness and connection.

CY, Joshua Tree CA

I loved the BreathWork session so much!

I fell asleep early last night and I slept amazing. And I felt energized today!!


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