Become trained, and certified
in the Sacred Art of CIRCLE Facilitation.

4 Month In-Person Training, San Diego Ca,

Open to 12 Souls

A Unique Calling at a Pivotal Time

As the Events of Our World Bring Ever-Increasing Challenges
The Need for Thoughtful, Grounded CIRCLE Facilitators
to Safely, and Responsibly Hold Space for
Connection, Healing, and Growth
Has Never Been Greater

Are you someone who is called to offer a safe place
for your community to come together to listen, be heard, heal, and grow?

Do you have ideas, topics, themes,
that you’re called to creatively share with others in a sacred container?

Are you eager to develop skills to carefully, facilitate, safe, grounded experiences?

“Being trained in the art of leading circles

by Heather is an opportunity that Souls seek but don’t always find. It’s a powerful tool to launch oneself into a space of immense creativity, authenticity, healing, awareness, and success!”

FD, Carlsbad

Welcome to CIRCLE facilitator Certification Program

This 4 month training will be a rich opportunity to learn
The Sacred Art of Crafting, and Facilitating your own unique CIRCLE.

During our intimate in-person group training you will:

• Re-member, and Honor the Ancient energies that govern CIRCLE.

• Learn how to turn ordinary spaces into Sacred spaces for CIRCLE.

• Receive my 5 phase formula for crafting engaging, meaningful CIRCLES.

• Craft your own unique CIRCLE from start to finish!

• Create your own RITUALS and CEREMONY.

• Learn to foster a SAFE, and Sacred container for healing, and growth.

• Receive training on how to step forward into the Facilitator role when the voice in your head says you shouldn’t.

• Learn the difference between facilitation, and performance.

• Receive business, and marketing training, to start, nourish, and grow your CIRCLE.

• Graduate with a Certification in CIRCLE Facilitation!

Benefit from

• Intimate in-person group support,
• Private 1:1 Mentorship
• Online (non-social media) Community to stay connected with each other in-between sessions.
• Online portal where zoom sessions and recordings from in-person trainings are easily accessed during, and after the Training is complete.

CIRCLE Certification Program is for:

Humans who care about other Humans

Anyone desiring to learn to confidently, and creatively facilitate their ideas in CIRCLE,

Those feeling called to deepen their facilitation skills,

Idea Holders, Teachers, Healing Service Providers, Space Holders, Creatives, Helpers…

She, He, They


The Program is divided into 6 Themes


CIRCLE is Ancient, It’s a Master Teacher, with a Sacred Intelligence of its own. In order to be successful at facilitating a CIRCLE we must first remember we are in service to the SOUL of CIRCLE, not the other way around. We will take this important journey of remembering together.

The Bones

Grounded, safe, trustworthy CIRCLES have Bones. Learn how commitments, guidelines, structure, program outlines, respectful timing, and preparation contribute to a safe container for healing, depth, and growth within your CIRCLE.  

The Gift

You will discover the ideas, and topics you’re called to share, and your unique way of sharing them IS THE GIFT you have to give. You will learn how to Connect, and Communicate with the LIFE of these ideas, and experience a process of how to choose which one of the many ideas you have to take into your CIRCLE.

This training will not only teach you HOW to facilitate your GIFTS in CIRCLE, but it will also offer an in-depth guide on how to do it when the voice in your head tells you you shouldn’t! More than confidence building, this portion of the training will help you to stop killing off your big ideas, and breathe LIFE into your SOUL-centered CALLING to facilitate CIRCLE. You will learn to trust yourself to show up for everything you’re called to do!

The Craft

CIRCLE Facilitation is the Bedrock of your Training…

Working with my 5 step formula for curating unique, originally voiced CIRCLE experiences, you will discover how to Creatively Facilitate your Idea, YOUR WAY.

You will learn Facilitation techniques for Embodied Space Holding, SAFE confidant leadership and receive Tools to connect, and Ground the CIRCLE, and yourself. Learn the difference between facilitation, and performance, and receive Guidance on how to keep your ego in check.

Learn How to Set a sacred space for sacred conversations- create an environment for depth and healing- Moderate the energies in the group- Learn how to keep you, and your CIRCLE an energetically healthy, safe space, and what to do when it isn’t…

Receive tools and techniques: To create compelling Themes for your CIRCLE-Create your own Rituals, and Ceremony to expand on your Theme and conjure up ideas for engaging your CIRCLES with the important topics you have to share.


Learn practical business tools to start, nurture, and grow your CIRCLE 

Receive guidance on how, when, and where to rent space for your CIRCLES +Learn How to professionally tend to the business of your CIRCLE  Before, During, and After your event.Receive  Training from Guest speakers too!! 


Learn how to: Turn an ordinary space into a sacred space for healing, and growth. Discover the importance of INTENTION setting, and communicating to the space you facilitate in. And receive guidance on clearing energetic space before, and after your CIRCLE. 


We gather In-Person 1 weekend a month for 4 consecutive months.
*Location: The Mama Yurt Retreat Center in Vista Ca.

In-between gatherings:
– You will be responsible for practicing what you’ve learned.
– Attend THREE Zoom support and Q&A sessions (sessions are recorded)
– And work 1:1 with me TWICE


– FOUR in-person weekend trainings
– TWO 1:1 Private Mentorship Sessions w/ Heather
– CIRCLE Training Workbook
– PRIVATE Online Portal
– PRIVATE Online non-social media group
– CERTIFICATE: Printed CIRCLE Facilitator Certificate

Also Included:

During our in-person training days at The Mama Yurt Retreat Center:

– Organic Coffee and Tea Bar is offered all-day
– Filtered water
– Snacks
– Supplies
– Comfortable seating, blankets, yoga mats, pillows
*Lunches are BYOL



we gather from 9:45am-4:00pm Saturday & Sunday


The Mama Yurt Retreat Center Vista Ca.
(Address will be emailed after registration)

THREE ZOOM Gatherings

Beginning Spring 2023

(Zoom session will be recorded, and made available in the private online portal)


I loved learning the practical rules, and boundaries that create a safe, and healthy circle.

And learning how to hold space was a game changer too. Also the reminders of how preparation, and organization contributes to creating a safe container! Brilliant! Thank you Heather, and my circles thank you too!

– TL Solana Beach Ca.  

Thank you for facilitating a beautiful CIRCLE last night.

 You do such an amazing job of bringing deep grounded energy, and wisdom, along with some play to the experience.

– CB, Encinitas Ca.

Guides like this are hard to come by,

and you should jump at the chance to sit in a circle with her. In Heather’s CIRCLE, I have found my best visions, my heart’s secret longings, and a doorway into my deeper power. 

JY, Phoenix,AZ

Hi I’m Heather,

CIRCLE chose me…

I am a Helper, Healer (of myself), Mentor, Teacher, and Guide.

And I facilitate the Gifts I have to give in CIRCLE.

I started sitting in CIRCLE when I was 14 years old. It looked like teen group therapy, to my SOUL it was CIRCLE.

In my early 20’s while pursuing a degree in psychology, I took a job as a counselor at a residential treatment center for adolescents, after dinner I would invite the young women who lived there to join me in CIRCLE. It looked like an evening check in, to my SOUL, (and maybe there’s too) it was CIRCLE.

After the death of my Mother I ditched the pursuit of traditional psychology for the Helper~Healer Path. I sat in numerous CIRCLES until I landed in the MOTHERLOAD CIRCLE in the Yucatan with my first Teacher.

I was blessed to sit in CIRCLE with her for many years, until one day I felt ready to begin offering my own CIRCLES in my own, unique to me way.

Facilitating CIRCLE has taken me all over the world, and has gifted me BEAUTIFUL connections with incredible souls, and has given me a SACRED, LOVE FILLED, CREATIVE way to support my community.

It is my HONOR to share the SACRED Healing GIFT of facilitating CIRCLE with you.

CIRCLE chose me, maybe it’s choosing you too?

Sliding Scale Tuition

1 Training-3 prices

Choose the option that’s right for you


I have little to no experience sitting in CIRCLE, is this training right for me?

This training does not require any former experience whatsoever.  What it does require is a calling to learn a sacred skill, and a desire to create a safe place for others to connect.  And the good news is, you will sit in CIRCLE while you learn to facilitate CIRCLE!

I’m really called to facilitate CIRCLES but I have trouble with confidence, will this course help me with that?

This training will not only teach you HOW to facilitate your gifts in CIRCLE, it will offer an in-depth guide on how to do it when the voice in your head tells you shouldn’t! More than confidence building, this portion of the training will help you to stop killing off your big ideas, and breathe LIFE into your SOUL centered CALLINGS. You will learn to trust yourself to show up for everything you’re called to do! And you’ll have an incredible group supporting you while you do it.

Will there be homework in-between the weekend trainings?

Yes, in-between our in-person weekend trainings you will be responsible for practicing what you’ve learned. And there is some delisicious SOUL work too.

Are the Mentorship sessions w/ Heather in-person or on zoom?

Your Two 90 min private mentorship sessions with Heather, can either be experienced in-person, or online via zoom. NOTE: The mentorship sessions are mandatory, and must be completed before the end of the program.

How long does the certification last?

Your certification does not expire. 

What if I can’t attend all of the weekend trainings?

If you know now that you can’t attend all of the in-person training days then you will need to wait until the next training. Attendance to ALL in person weekends is mandatory for two reasons, #1 you need to attend all weekends to receive certification, #2 consistency, and continuity of the group is vital for this training.

What if I have an emergency and have to miss one of the in-person training sessions?

If you miss an in-person session because of an emergency you can make up the session two ways: Schedule a 3 Hour private immersion with Heather (additional fee), or you can wait until the next CIRCLE Training, and complete that specific session then.  

Is there a refund policy?

Simply contact us 30 days prior to the start of the training (Beginning Spring 2023), and we’ll refund you in full, or transfer your tuition to the next training if desired. Refunds after that time will not be available. Please NOTE by registering you are agreeing to our terms and conditions

Can I talk to Heather before I register?

Absolutely! Schedule a free 30 min call with Heather HERE

I have a question that isn't addressed here

Please email your question to