Hello my LOVE,

Isn’t this photo above beautiful! It was taken on the beach, on the closing day of our recent Immersion in the Yucatan last May.

Looking at these photos today conjures up so many memories and to be REALLY honest not all of the memories are great.

The journey was a DEEP DIVE for everyone attending, including me.

Yes, I was the guide, holding sacred space like a Mo~Fo, “tracking” each participants process and staying grounded and centered and connected to the very best of my ability.

AND I got hit with an experience I did NOT see coming.

It happened right smack in the middle of the retreat and the “happening” sent a lightning bolt through the entire group.

It had to do with a participant, her process and the fiery truths that only a POWERFUL energetic “FIELD” can reveal.

It was disruptive, destructive, disrespectful, painful, expectation shattering, and downright humbling.

and you know what?

I am SO F~ing GRATEFUL to this woman.

I AM grateful for her EPIC tantrum, grateful for the disruption, grateful for what it brought up in me and in the group.

Want to know why?

Because the unexpected difficult experience brought me a boatload of…


There were practical GIFTS, there were spiritual GIFTS and there were BIG beautiful business and boundary GIFTS.

Looking back on it I see her as a WONDERFUL teacher with a wheelbarrow  FULL of GIFTS just for ME.

I’v been sitting on this sacred experience for the last 5 months and am only just sharing it with you now because first and foremost I’m ready,

AND November ushers in a time when people here in the USA start taking about and focusing on Gratitude more then usual.

It occurs to me that the first place we seek out Gratitude is NOT in the dark.

The easy entry point into utilizing Gratitude as a sacred “medicine” is to start in the LIGHT.

We begin with what we can SEE, with what we LOVE, like Mr.Cooper, my orange haired, low to the ground, always smiling LOVE bomb of a furry family member. This dude is an EASY breezy #gratitudegush for me.

But If you REALLY want to GROW your relationship with Gratitude I suggest go for the tuff stuff, the hard to reach experiences.

Maybe take a little peek at GRUDGES with ex partners, parents, friends and the boss that fired you when you were 23.

What were the GIFTS? Meaning what did you learn, other then he or she is an A~HOLE?

How did this experience GUIDE YOU?

Ask yourself what am I for real deal GRATEFUL for based on the outcome of the experience?

How did the experience shape my future for the better?

How did it help me GROW?

What this process does NOT do is make it OK to be bullied, taken advantage of or abused in any way.

This process does not excuse the behavior of the people who have hurt you or ask that you (me) look at a disruptive, disruptive person and say “hey it’s cool you are throwing a HUGE inconsolable tantrum amidst an entire group of people who have flown to a different country paid thousands of dollars to actually do the work.”

NO! there are layers to doing deep dive work and one of them is “RIGHT ACTION. (A topic for another time)

What this process does DO is helps you to extract out of a difficult situation whats there for YOU. How the situation, as scary as it may look IS there to teach you, to usher you into the next level of growth.

When I’m working with clients I often times use the analogy of sheep herding dogs.

The dogs bark furiously at the sheep and nip at their heels in order to get them to go where they need therm to go. The sheep are scared, they don’t like it one bit AND they ultimately arrive in a safe place where there is food, water and shelter.

Question my LOVE, who has been a sheep dog in your life? and where did it land you?

This is a process of reclaiming your POWER, it takes you OUT of victim land and lands you in the drivers seat of you life.

THIS my friend is an instant way into all out #gratitudegush!