The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you… Rumi

The word mystery is well… Mysterious.

I recently had a dear friend say “the word mystery is scary to me”,

I asked why,

She replied, “because the mysteries are unknown and uncertain”...

She went on to share that when she gets stressed, overwhelmed and STUCK she want’s clear, easy fast answers NOW!

I get it, we do live in a world where quick and easy WINS.

The problem is, even though we are being hosed down with information and answers 24/7, we still are still conflicted.

A typical problem solving journey might go something like this?

You have a really serious issue and need help NOW. So you ask 5 of your best girlfriends what you should do, then you go to your counseling appointment spill your guts and ask for guidance, then you get on your phone in the parking lot and google your favorite astrology site and after that you decide you need to make an appointment with a psychic you’ve recently heard of because you still are not certain.

(ahem, I don’t know anything about this:)

Even though we are slaves to the constant pursuit of INSTANT certainty,

We still end up uncertain.

Could it be that we are over informed externally and under INformed internally?

Maybe we are looking for the answers in the wrong place?

In my world I’m seeing that path to the mysterious world of the “knowing FIELD” is being sanitized by teachers falling into the trap of delivering certainty.

I myself have been guilty of giving people the answers to questions that only the magic of their own hearts can grant.

I have had to remind myself that EVERY SINGLE potent A~HA, life shifting experience came to me, arrived IN ME.

They were not GIVEN to me.

And most of these moments were facilitated by masterful Guides who were willing to deliver the risky “medicine” of the UNKNOWN.

The simple math that I have personally arrived at is this:

The Unknown IS the gateway to The KNOWN. (Certainty)

And not the kind of knowledge that says, “I can prove this”,

This is the kind of knowing that says,

“I can feel it, so I KNOW it to be true for me, Amen”

I can hear you asking;

HOW do I gain access to my inner knowing?

HOW do I learn to trust my own inner guidance?

In service to the authentic awakening of your own unique inner knowing I’ll share a story with you.

This is an example of the how the Medicine of the unknown opened the gateway to the “wisdom field for me.

12 years ago “The Mysteries”  called me with an invitation.

No they didn’t ring my then fancy as hell flip phone, or send me a juicy email.

The “calling” arrived on the wings of 3 significant synchronicities.

#1: My life was falling apart, I needed to get away. I started looking for a yoga retreat and the Yucatan kept popping up. (Tulum to be specific)

#2: My Dad came into the sweet little boutique I owned and announced, “I’m going to the Yucatan”!

#3: An acquaintance at the time (someone who is now one of my closest friends) mentioned to me with her new dreamy, mysterious looking eyes, “I just came back from a mind blowing retreat in the Yucatan”.

Message received…

I was connected with my dreamy eyed friend’s teacher, had one conversation with her on the phone and 2 months later found myself on an airplane headed for the invisible, sacred, ancient, POWERFUL, energetic “FIELD”  of the Yucatan, that would changed my life FOREVER…

While working with my teacher on retreat I would soon learn that being in “The Field” and gaining access to it were two VERY different things.

12 years later and more trips into sacred healing fields around the world then I can remember, I have arrived full circle with The Mysteries landing me back on the land of my initiation, the place where my Life really began, the Yucatan.

I have officially accepted the invitation to initiate women into this sacred field of knowing. To practice the risky medicine of guiding my Sisters HOME to their own unique sacred truths.

My intent in sharing this story is that you may have a shift in your perspective.

Maybe you will “see”, like I did, that your own internal knowing field has already been activated, that you just might need to act on those external confirmations LIFE is sending you…

After all, trust is a two way street.