Private 1:1 Mentorship

Our work is up close and personal.

Because the journey is sacred.

And so are you.

Begin your 3 month mentorship

Spaces are limited.

The most potent GIFT I have to give, is to help you activate a Wise and capable Inner Authority in the area of your life that needs it the most.

How it works:

Our time together is both Practical and Mystical.

For 3 months, I’m going to act as your Guide to help you get to the ROOT of why you keep hiding from your Calling, and or killing off your creative ideas before they can see the light of day.

We work from the inside OUT.

We will identify the current Inner Authority of your confidence, self-worth, and capacity to CREATE the life you say you want to live,

And then Activate Your Inner Elder™, the wisest aspect of you, and put it to work in those places.

Step by step, one micro-movement at a time you will RE-Member how to navigate NEW territory so you can breathe life into your Callings and Creations for the rest of your LIFE!

I have 3 spaces open for a January start.

What’s included:

{7} Ninety min private sessions with Heather (In-person here in vista Ca. Or online via zoom, or BOTH)

Printed and bound Navigating the Territory of NEW Workbook mailed directly to you.

Online portal: Easily schedule sessions, access Bonuses, check In with me, etc.

Downloadable PDF version of the workbook

Plus: 2 Bonus Courses

Bonus 1: Symbol Speak

Perfect to utilize during your Mentorship and beyond! This Self Paced online Journey takes you directly into the territory of your wise and knowing SOUL. It’s easy, and you can access it from the comfort of your couch!

Bonus 2: Breathe Here Now ...

8 Guided Breathwork Audios!

Suitable for beginners to seasoned Breathers. Breathwork is an amazing ally for your Mentorship Journey!


My Private Mentorship with Heather is one of the most profound and transformative experiences that I have gifted myself in my creative and personal process.

Angela, Encinitas ca.

I’ve RETRIEVED my inner, wiser, more resourced version of me! Grateful to you Heather!

Heather offered the exact support and guidance I was looking for.

I personally was up in the ethers, and my Mentorship got me grounded and trekking forward on solid footing. I simply could not seem to do this on my own.

TW, Solana Beach Ca.

A Mentorship with Heather is an opportunity that women seek but don’t always find.

It’s a powerful tool to launch oneself into a space of immense creativity, authenticity, healing, awareness, and success!

Your mentorship has been instrumental in getting me to where I am today!

I just created a frickin website, and I’ve started creating courses! I’m SO glad my inner elder took over!


What if:

You stopped killing off your big ideas, and could breathe LIFE to your SOUL centered CALLINGS?

You could stop pacing around the life you say you want to live?

You trusted yourself to go the distance, to move all the way through the romance of sparkly shiny ideas to, commitment to, “I DID IT”!

Begin your 3 Month Mentorship in January

3 spots open.

Navigating the Territory of NEW Workbook

Friends, for the very first time I am bringing the full body of this work into the Private Mentorship!

The Workbook is a POTENT tool for Private the Mentorship Journey!

“This workbook is phenomenal! I will refer to it forever!” – TW Solana Beach Ca.

A paperbound GUIDE that allows you to capture the GOLD from your deep, internal, wise, knowing self, and bring it to the topside world.

Worksheet, journal prompts and deep end processes meet you exactly where you are, and help you make the necessary moves forward as you trek the Territory of NEW.

It gives you a space to SEE clearly what’s happening inside you, and a place to arrive at the best next step.

And BEST of all, the workbooks are printed, bound and mailed directly to your home! No more downloading and printing!!


Workbook Love

“The Workbook is so important to me and acted as my journal, and planner. It became an extension of me that I will return to for guidance, and support, plus it is Delightful entertaining and beautiful.”
– CM Encinitas Ca.

“Navigating the Territory of New workbook is Incredible, and such an amazing tool .”
– SG Boulder Colorado

Take a deep dive into the Territory of your SOUL.

We’ll Identify the current authority of the area of your life, and that has you on your knees.

And begin the journey to RETRIEVE the Wisest aspect of you!

The next part of the Journey is tailor-made for you!

1:1 Mentorship Investment

Pay in Full

Payment Plan
Extended Payment Plan Offer for December Only!:

4 monthly installments of $770

(Our payment plan will return to 3 x $1020 in January)

Only 3 Spots available