Private 1:1

I’m not your healer. You are.

The only reason you’re here is because you’ve forgotten.

I’m here to help you remember.


Want to learn more about working 1:1 with me?

This is an invitation into the retrieval grounds of SOUL… to recover vital aspects of yourself that have been forgotten, left-behind, left for dead, negotiated away…

But before we get to that we need a place to start.

A place that marks a crossing over or into…

So we meet at the trailhead of the heart and navigate together into the unique territory of your SOUL…

We are headed INTO your interior world…where the answers have been hiding in plain sight.

And then we can confront the wounds…

But in order to do that, we have to retrieve your Inner Healer. 

Because I am not your healer…you are.

Our work is up close and personal.

Because the journey is sacred.

And so are you.

How it works:

This is for SOULS who are ready to grow.

Who are ready to make a move.

Who want to discover the root of their suffering, recover their wisdom, and remember how to live from that place.

SOUL work is your birthright.

Spaces are limited.

At the first session we’ll take a deep dive into SOUL Territory.

We’ll Identify the current authority of the area of your life that has you on your knees. 

And begin the journey to RETRIEVE the wisest aspect of you!

The next part of the journey is tailor-made for you.!

We’ll figure it out together.

Want to learn more about working 1:1 with me?

RETRIEVE a message from your inner ELDER

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