Navigating The Territory of New

2-Month In-Person Small Group Program

Small Group Support + Private Mentorship all in one program.

This course is open to 8 Women who are ready to answer a Calling to, Create, Shift or Step Into something NEW.

Mystical + Practical Teachings | Deep Soul Work | Intimate Group

Welcome to the Territory of NEW

Fawn in Forest

This program is both Practical and Mystical.

It’s a look at the journey you take every time you say YES to a BIG idea or calling from the inside out.

It’s a deep dive to remove the barriers that keep you stuck.

AND it’s a practical, get your computer out, and get it done course too.

For 2 + months, I’m going to act as your Guide to help you get to the ROOT of why you keep hiding or abandoning your creative ideas.

And I’m going to show you how to navigate this NEW territory, so you can breathe life into your Callings and Creations.

And you can say, “I DID IT!”

“Navigating the Territory of NEW was a POWERFUL & LOVING safe place for the FIERCE in me to surface and the COURAGEOUS to do HER work! ” – SH, NJ

This course is open to 8 Women who are ready to answer a Calling to, Create, Shift or Step Into something NEW.

We’ll meet in-person for 4 full day immersions here, in The Mama Yurt in Vista Ca. You’ll get a beautiful workbook, ONE (2 hour) Private Mentorship session, a journal, healthy meals,snacks and A LOT OF SUPPORT too!

Navigating the Territory of NEW.

This course begins with a story.

It’s your story and the treacherous journey you take each time you say YES to a BIG idea or Calling.

Like every good, juicy story, it has twists and turns.

The heroine leaves the safety of HOME BASE and enters into Unchartered Territory…

She comes face-to-face with the voice inside her head–the Predator of Ideas–who for so many years has kept her ideas in the dark.

If the journey is to be successful, she MUST retrieve something VITAL in herself that has been abandoned, negotiated away, or forgotten.

Access to her Wisest Self.

Without this, the heroine will never defeat the Predator.

It’s the ONLY way for her deep Soul Callings to be answered and her ideas to be liberated!

Facing your Inner Predator is a rite of passage.

You can’t avoid it.

The reason you default to confusion, don’t know where to start, or continue to abort mission on your callings, isn’t because your idea is bad…it’s NOT because others with more Instagram followers are doing it better than you…or because you picked the wrong high-priced coaching program.

It’s because something invisible has set up base camp right next to your BIRTHRIGHT to CREATE.

And the simple truth is, the problem AND the solution exist in the same place.

It’s in the ROOTS.

If you’ve ever wanted to GIVE LIFE to an exciting idea that feels juicy and SOUL nourishing but can’t seem to get past the Inner Predator, I want to invite you on a New journey.


Friend, It’s time to claim your unlived life!


This course was one of the most profound and transformative experiences that I have gifted myself in my creative and personal process!


Navigating The Territory of NEW helped me to recognize and dismantle the predator of my ideas when it appeared! And it has helped me to make more decisions with my elder-self. And the workbook is a powerful tool!


I retrieved my inner, wiser, more resourced version of me!


I loved Being a part of a group of women, feeling safe to share, and learning more about who I am, where I am and what I would like my future to look like. Heather, you are an awesome teacher/facilitator! I loved the breathwork! I loved the journal! I loved being led by you!


What’s Included:


FOUR In-Person full day Immersions in the beautiful Mama Yurt Retreat center


PRIVATE 1:1 Mentorship Session with Heather




PRIVATE (non social media) Community: Our sacred place to connect in-between imersion dates.


The GUIDE™: My master GUIDE to successfully navigate growth from the inside out.


PRIVATE participant portal with easy access to dates, scheduling, PDF version of workbook and more…


Organic lunch’s, snacks, and coffee + tea bar. Plus all RITUAL supplys.


SURPRISE! A special hand-picked surprise will be offered at the closing RITUAL!

I want to be one of the 8 Women in this intimate group!

Month-by-Month Themes


April 9th: 9:30am-4:00pm

April 23: 9:30am-4:00pm

May 7th: 9:30am-4:00pm

May 21st: * 9:30 am-6:00pm {Closing ceremony}


We meet LIVE in person in The Mama Yurt located in Vista Ca. {San Diego}.

With a maximum of 8 dedicated women, our gatherings will be a private and intimate experience.

We will have 4 full day Immersions. Meeting 2 times per month.

Our time together begins with a thorough Orientation. Then we will begin to Navigate immediately into the course content.

You will receive a printed and bound Workbook, as well as a PDF verion. The workbook is divided into FOUR Thresholds. The workbook tracks all our gatherings. Plus there will be deeply nourishing SOUL-Work to do at home too.

Each participant will have ONE (2 hour) private mentorship session with Heather during the course!

Everyone will be invited to join the private non social media group for support inbetween our immersions, and sharing of resources.

* This course is ONLY in-person, zoom will not be avalable. Please check the dates to make sure you can make it to all immersion gatherings.

Navigating New Beginnings

Orientation: We begin by gathering together at the Threshold of NEW Territory, meet and greet each other, and set the sacred container for our time together.

Receive THE GUIDE and learn why rest, keeping beauty close, and the ability to ask for support are VITAL to a successful journey through the Territory of NEW.



Begin the important process of SORTING through your inspired ideas to ARRIVE at the best one to take into the territory of NEW.

Connect and Communocate with the LIFE of your ideas.

LEARN what your ideas need from you in order to GROW.



CLEARLY identify the Predator of your ideas and begin to see the tactics it uses to STOP you from entering or completing your journey through the Territory of NEW.

SEE clearly who has been in charge of your capacity to CREATE.

Reveal the shadow sisters, Blame, Shame and Regret and see if they have been playing a role in stopping you from creating something NEW.

Navigate into the RETRIEVAL Grounds of SOUL where something VITAL is waiting to be retrieved…

Advanced inner navigation tools: Learn the 3 parts of the Journey and how to identify where you’re at any given time.

Make a MOVE

Tracking the internal Elder:

Hearing the voice of your Inner Elder, and acting on it are two different things!’

REMEMBER how to access, activate and ACT ON the Guidance from wisest part of you.

This is the MOST vital Threshold of our time together!





Our final gathering is all about, preparing a plan for the coming months.

With you Internal Elder fully IN CHARGE you will review the last two months, and begin the process of SORTING through the material, deciding what to take forward on your journey.

You will be GUIDED on how to create a realistic plan for the future based on where you are at in the Territory of NEW.

AND we will enter into a BEAUTIFUL closeing ceremony to celebrate all that you RETREIVED during your Journey into the Territory of NEW!

Navigating the Territory of NEW workbook

A paperbound GUIDE that helps you navigate deeply into the territory covered at each gathering.

It allows you to capture the GOLD from the deep internal, wise knowing self and bring it to the topside world. It gives you a space to SEE what’s happening clearly and a place to arrive at the best next step.

And BEST of all, the workbooks are printed, bound and will be waiting for you on the fist day of the course! 

I am SO ready to move through resistance and claim the LIFE of my ideas!. Let’s do this.

This course is for you if:


You have 1-3 (or more) BIG ideas or callings you have been trying to say YES to.


You can commit to full participation. 


You are willing to put some things down that don’t really matter in order to make room and time for something that really does.


You are ready once and for all to get to the ROOT of why you haven’t been able to complete the creation cycle in an important area of your life.


You MUST END the destructive pattern of killing off your IMPORTANT IDEAS!


Are open to linking arms with a dedicated group of Women and move beyond any self blame, shame or regret you might feel for not saying YES to your idea sooner.


Are willing to come into a healthy relationship with discipline by taking one micro step at a time into NEW Territory.

This course is NOT for you if:

You don’t have something important you want to do, create or shift right now.

You can’t commit to attending the gatherings. 

You want to talk about making a change but aren’t ready to make a move.

You are uncomfortable in groups. {if this is you, I teach this same course privately! Check out the Private mentorship HERE

You are hoping this will be a substitute for therapy. This course will go deep but it isn’t a substitute for therapy.


You stopped killing off your big ideas and could breathe LIFE to your SOUL centered CALLINGS?

You could trust yourself to go the distance and finally breath LIFE into that important idea you have been holding onto for so many years?

You could stop pacing around the life you say you want to live?

You are Invited to join 8 Women on a big beautiful, Inside OUT Journey, into The Territory of NEW!

Hello Friend, I’m Heather. I am a Helper, Healer, Mentor and Guide.

Heather Lindemenn is a well traveled guide of the Mysteries, masterful storyteller and mentor to those looking for deeply grounded guidance on their healing journey.

Heather believes everyone has the ability to heal their own wounds by traveling into the territory of the SOUL, where the ROOTS of wisdom reside, and the answers we seek are waiting to be retrieved.

Her work teaches us how to communicate with SOUL through combining the mystical medicine of DreamWork, circle, ceremony and rituals, sacred storytelling, BreathWork and embodied movement.

Heather lives in San Diego, California with her husband Jim, Lily dog, and is the mama to The Mama Yurt retreat center.


I really enjoyed reconnecting with parts of myself that I’ve put aside.

After taking Navigating the Territory of New I feel more in tune with my internal compass and feel so good knowing which small moves I can make that will lead to the next stage of my life with more alignment.

TL, La Jolla CA

"I loved the gentle, yet POWERFUL guidance

And the safe, unconditionally loving space that you provided.”



I have SO many ideas, I’m not sure which one to take into the Territory of New

Don’t worry, I’ve got you! We begin by initiating a mystical “sorting process” which allows the IDEA that’s ready to be birthed next to show itself. And the good news is you can use this sorting process for the rest of your life!

Why is it so important to commit to attending all of the gatherings?

Navigating into the Territory of NEW can be pretty tricky mainly because we have to get to the ROOT of something that has been invisible to you. One of the MYSTICAL aspects of working together as a group LIVE in-person is, witnessing each other helps us to see ourselves more clearly! It’s how Women REMEMBER. And making a commitment to the material means the material commits to you!

What happens after I register?

You will receive an email from me within minutes. This email includes a link to your private participant portal, the link to schedule your private session with me, and a link to a brief questionnaire that will help me to get to know you better before we begin. 

What happens if I can't make one of the Gatherings?

Gosh it’s so important to try and make it to all of the gatherings. If you have an emergency, and can’t make it you can use your private session and Ill take you though the main points of the gathering you missed, or if you have already used your session you can add another private session for an additional fee. 

When will I receive the printed workbook?

Your beautiful printed and bound Workbook will be waiting for you at our first gathering. And you can access the PDF verion right after you register via your private course portal! 

Will the gatherings be be recorded or can I access via zoom

Our time together is PRIVATE. Recording, video, and or zoom accesswill not be available.

What is the Refund Policy

This course is non refundable.

We do our best to clearly outline our course content to give you a very clear idea of what is included, what isn’t, and what what you can expect from this program. As well you are encouraged to email us with your questions.

By registering for the course you agree to my terms and conditions.

Please email questions to

Still have Questions?

Use the button below to send me an email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions that were not answered above.

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