Hello Beautiful, I am SO excited to chat with you about the power of journaling.

I LOVE to journal, and it seems to love me to because when I’m done writing I feel better and something in me SHIFTS.

My journal is in part a paper bound confessional and an altar for my deepest hearts desires.

I’m over the moon happy to share with you a few easy ways to get “Into” YOU, to access your field of acceptance, forgiveness and deepest feeling places through, you guessed it… Journaling!

To SEE is to be FREE baby!

The following journaling discovery’s intent is to simply shine the light on what you are currently experiencing in your world of thought and your internal world of emotion.

Thought (or story) is easy to get at, deep emotion… Not so easy.

It is through experiencing our emotions that we shall be liberated from repeating patters in our life. Ready?

Before I start anything that requires the voice of an open heart I pray.

Beloved Source,

I ask that your illuminating light shine open my heart so that I may hear the voice of my truth.

Thank you for the breath that breathes me alive.

Thank you for helping me to see the Love that is present in my life.

Thank you for helping me to see the gifts that you give in every moment.


Close your eyes and take 3 deep belly breaths.

Open your journal to two blank pages facing each other.

  1. On the right facing page write: STORY
  2. One the left facing page write: PHYSICAL EXPERIENCE

On the STORY page:

List the predominant thoughts and stories that have been circulating around your mind for the past few days, weeks, months, maybe years.

This is where you will list one by one, anything that has been consistent in your thoughts. Maybe you are having conflict with someone at work, maybe you constantly talk down to yourself, maybe you have an ex partner that you think about and long for or hate? Maybe you are in constant fear about not having enough money…

Get honest this is not the place to sugar coat or pretend. and GO!


After listing all the predominant stories, fears and thought patterns that are groundhog day~ing in your mind take a deep breath and bring your attention onto your body.

Begin to take several more deep, slow, belly breaths.

Open your eyes and look at the list on the story page.

Slowly, one by one hang out with each item on the list and as you do, BREATH.

Become aware of the places in your body that feel stuck, have pressure, are tight and or hurt as a result of experiencing that story or relentless thought pattern.

Allow your body to speak to you and reveal to you where in your beautiful temple you hold onto emotions that have resulted from each of the stories, fears, disappointments and happenings in your life.

Hang out with the specific place in your body, give it 100% of your attention and continue to breath into that place.

One by one, place by place, BREATH INTO AND EXPERIENCE the tense, stuck and hurt places…. Give this exercise some time…

You might cry, you might get very angry, you might feel more tense. Please stay with it and BREATH until the experience fades away….

Now head back to your journal and list the locations in your body that the emotions resulting from your repeating stories, fears and thoughts are stored. Get specific, maybe draw an outline of a body and mark x’s on the body and or use color pens.

Next begin to journal about this experience.

Do you feel more relaxed, more tense, are you trying to figure out a way to stop your thoughts?

Did you resist feeling into your body?

What came up for you???

Just SEE, write and EXPERIENCE.

All my LOVE,