Hi Babe,

Welcome to The Art Of Decision Making!

I have a really juicy, free, free, free, free, FREE process to share with you!

A few years back I had some BIG decisions to make around the work I do in the world.

A SHIFT was on the horizon.

I couldn’t see it and I didn’t know how “things” would shift I just knew it was time to slow down and pay attention to this feeling.

Of course my mind was going crazy.

The very idea of a SHIFT brought a barrage of anxiety, worry laden questions and CONFUSION.

And because I KNOW like I know that confusion can be a form of postponement I made sure to find a few quiet minutes alone, and with my journal at the ready, I closed my eyes.

In these quiet moments 4 questions arrived on the altar of my HEART.

It turns out answering these 4 questions delivered me from complete overwhelm and confusion directly into a lit up, inspired place and BONUS I knew EXACTLY what the best next steps were based on how I felt.

This process was so friggin easy and made me feel SO MUCH BETTER that I began to apply it to what I spend my money on, who I spend my time with, how I take care of my body, where I travel and how I serve in the world.

SO, I sat down and recorded the process, my assistant Aly made BEAUTIFUL worksheets and everyone on the team dove into the techie world so that we could share this yummy process with… YOU!

Welcome to The Art of Decision Making!

I’ve included:

A FREE 30 minute audio that walks you through the process + 4 downloadable PDFs to help you put the process to work in your life. 

Click HERE to ACCESS The Art Of Decision Making

My intent in sharing The Art Of Decision Making is to awaken the place in you that already KNOWS.

KNOWS the best next step
KNOWS that your DESIRES are there to be experienced NOT just dreamed about.
KNOWS that your time is valuable.
KNOWS the GIFTS you came here to give.
KNOWS that decision making can be EASY.

All you have to do is click this LINK, Download the 4 worksheets and listen to the 30 min audio.

Oh and don’t forget to Let me know how it goes babe!

I will be checking the comments section below for your questions, thoughts and feedback.

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