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The Art Of Decision Making
Heather Lindemenn

Hello Friend,

Welcome to The Art Of Decision Making.

I know that many of you who come here, are either feeling the CALL to serve others with your unique GIFTS, or you’re  already in service but you may want to step more fulling into your CALLING.

You might be a Helper, Healer, Guide, Coach, Writer, Artist or Creative.

When it comes to serving others with your GIFTS, decision making can be particularly challenging, or if you’re like me sometimes downright excruciating.

One day, many moons ago, I was at a threshold with the work I was doing in the world.

I could feel something shifting.

I had a few ideas that went along with this feeling, but I just COULD NOT decided what to do first.

And I was also wondering if I should just keep doing what had worked in the past.(Which didn’t excite me but I was scared to do the wrong thing.)

I was totally paralyzed.

I paced around felling pretty miserable for days and days and then the Art of Decision Making arrived.

It was a GIFT from the decision making GODS and I have used it ever since.

It turns out this process activated a place inside me that ALREADY KNEW what to do next.

The process got me out of my HEAD and Into my SOUL.

Since then I have used this process to help me decide which professional trainings to take, which coaches or healers to work with, what places to facilitate my international retreats and so much more!

You can access the Art Of Decision Making via the Audio above, and I do I hope it is helpful for you.

Please let me know how it goes!

I will be checking the comments section below for your questions, thoughts and feedback.

With LOVE and CARE



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