Hello Love Mama,

At some point in all our lives comes a defining moment.

A moment so powerful that it shifts everything.


In that terrifying moment we are shocked.

We say “I didn’t see that coming”.

And yet somewhere inside we did see it coming.

In the aftermath of the quake an excruciating reorganization of truth arrives.

Yes, THIS is true for me now.

That defining moment shifts the trajectory of all moments to come.

I’m going to bet that you have had a few of these defining moments in your life.

and I bet there is one of those defining moments that define all the OTHER defining moments.

Meaning it was the biggest most Epic Shift, that shifted the shifts of the past.

For me it wasn’t watching my sweet boutique business crumble to the ground. (publicly I might add)

It wasn’t loosing my mom to cancer at 23.

It wasn’t even infertility and divorce.

My defining moment was a HOLY SHIFT of SHIFTS that turned me inside out, sent me around the world and kicked my ass SO hard that it landed me here today with you.

My HOLY SHIFT is my WHY for the work I do.

It’s my WHY for waking up every day with you on my heart.

Your defining moments may have take you to your knees.

My prayer in this moment is that you don’t stay there.