I  an embarrassing secret to share…

I can be a SERIAL procrastinator!

(and I almost spelled serial, cereal, Ha!)

It’s one of the BIGGEST ways that resistance to life, resistance to God, resistance to money, pleasure, joy & resistance to LOVE shows up for me.

I procrastinate, I postpone, I dig my heals in and I ignore. It’s my dirty dirty secret.

My procrastination results in free floating anxiety, it results in my inner critic voice getting VERY loud, it cages me in and my breath gets shallow.

Can you relate?

This level of resistance gets particularly tricky when I have an opportunity to grow. Like when a REALLY GOOD program is being offered by a favorite teacher, my heart says YES and then Mrs. Postponement shows up…

She makes excuses:

  • She deletes the email, she says “well it’s not really the best time”.(PS for the mind, NO TIME, like NEVER is the best time for liberation and internal growth)
  • “I don’t have the money” (instead i’ll go shopping for random things I don’t need at Home Goods)
  • and or “I can’t get childcare”. (because I never actually asked anyone if they could help me with the kiddo that day…)

Meanwhile my opportunity to grow passes me by and I remain stuck in my patterns and stuck in the land of postponement. (YUCK!)

At this stage of the game I am at least hyper AWARE of how this tricky tactic of the mind works. and I often take an opportunity to beat it’s ass by:

  • Saying YES to that class or program. Almost like jumping out of an airplane for the first time. There are some rambo sounds and it may look like I’m killing a pit of snakes as I hit “BUY NOW”!!!!
  • I GET SOFT. I take a deep breath and another and another, I put my phone down, I walk away from my computer and I BREATH. I allow myself to FEEL myself. and I “tune in” to the voice of my heart. I ask, “what is the GIFT of doing the XYZ thing I’m avoiding”. and then I LISTEN… (It says, beautiful you need to slow down and get SOFT, you need to make it a priority!)
  • Calling in my BFF, Super hero, DIVINE. You call it prayer I call it the Supreme smackdown. This one works EVERY TIME!

Out of the darkness into the light! Are you a serial (not cereal) procrastinator? and if so what amazing beautiful SOFT opportunities for growth and transformation are you avoiding?

xoxo and a fanny spank,