A GIFT of Grandmother Medicine
Heather Lindemenn

Hello Friend, I am here to share with you how to FEED the wisest aspect of YOU…

On one of my first journeys into “The Field” of the Yucatan to work with my most important Teacher, I had a DREAM that ended up being for YOU and for me too.

These types of Dreams are called Medicine Dreams or Teaching Dreams.

Meaning, the POTENT Healing Power of the Dream is not just for me, it’s for YOU too.

These BIG dreams awaken a KNOWING in us that has been there all along.

They instruct and GUIDE in REAL time about our REAL topside world lives.

This Dream that I am here to share with you today contains a BIG message and VITAL instruction that can be applied to your life right NOW. (Mine too)

At the time of receiving this Dream, my life was a living HELL of my own making.

Everything that was important to me was crumbling to the ground.

I was going through a divorce and the business I loved and had worked so hard at was failing.

Maybe life is tuff for you right now? 

Maybe that’s why you’re HERE.

(I’m going to pause for a moment and say, If you’re HERE because something in your life is not easy, if there is a crumbling, a burning down, a fleeing, if you are on your knees or on your way, I want you to know, I KNOW this place well. PLEASE read on, or listen to the Audio above, I think it might help, AND Friend, you’re NOT ALONE.)

Ok, back to the DREAM.

Dreams are a messenger from our SOUL.

And the language of Soul speaks in symbols and archetypes.

Dreams show us aspects of OURSELVES that are “active”. Our Dreams “play out” whats happening inside of us.

So as you listen to the Dream in the audio above, or if you prefer, you can continue on and READ the Dream here, I do recommend reading slowly, take in the “players” as if you were watching a PLAY, and see if you can sniff out the “medicine” of the message for YOU.

So without further adieu,

Here is the Dream that’s for YOU.

(The dream begins,)

I am in a car. 

My Mother is driving, my Grandmother is seated in the front passenger seat, I am in the backseat.

I suddenly remember that we have left my sister’s infant baby at home alone.

I’m hysterical and yell,  “Mom we MUST turn around!!! We haven’t fed the baby! The baby is home alone and it has not been fed!!!!! We are leaving the baby BEHIND!!!!”

With both hands firmly on the steering wheel, my mother replies,

“Your Grandmother will eat fIrst”.

I wake up…

Let’s take a deep breath.

Now If we were to read this dream as LITERAL, my mother would have gone to jail for leaving a hungry baby all alone.

Ahhhh but the Dream isn’t speaking to something that happened in reality.

My real mom didn’t leave my real niece behind…

This PLAY was happening INSIDE ME. (And maybe you too)

Stay with me…

Is there an area of your life where you have a repeating pattern of experience? Where the same things keep happening over and over and over, and although you might look like an adult resourced Woman, Friend, are you acting or feeling like a CHILD? (Ugg)

Is there an area of your life where you are FEEDING the CHILD instead of FEEDING the Wisest aspect of yourself?

THIS Dream gives us DIRECT guidance to aid in our growth.

GROWTH being the key word.

Can you SEE these “aspects” of yourself at play in your life?

The baby, The child, The mother and GRANDMOTHER.

Just because you are a grown woman does not mean that The baby isn’t still “active in your life.

My question for you Friend is this,

What aspects of YOU are you feeding?

IF you are in need of the MEDICINE of this DREAM, IF you need to FEED the GrandMother, you can start by communicating with HER.

If you want MORE of something, COMMUNICATE with it.

You can begin by RETRIEVING a message from your Inner ELDER. Scroll down to the bottom of this page, enter your information and you will be redirected to a page here on my site and from there begin the process.

If you’ve already received a message from HER via the process it’s NOW time to implement what she said into your day to day life.

With LOVE, and CARE,



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  1. Robin Kuhn

    My dear, sweet Heather,
    I’ve always been intrigued with this dream and the message it conveyed. For unknown reasons, I never felt its relevance personally or how it applied to me. But today, after spending the entire day in bed (something I’ve never done, and no, I’m not sick), and journaling to connect with my inner Elder – I truly feel the messages I received offer the same medicine. I will remain in close contact with this wise, knowing elder and listen carefully as she guides me. Thank you, my friend.


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