On one of my first journeys into “The Field” of the Yucatan to work with my former teacher I had a dream that ended up being for YOU.

(and me of course)

I call these types of dreams Medicine Dreams.

Meaning, the radiance and healing power of the dream is not just for me.

The dream itself is a servant of the HEART…

At the time I was being initiated into the mysterious realm of the unconscious via the Dream world.

The language of this world is symbols and archetypes.

I’ll start by sharing that the reason I was in the Yucatan in the first place, working with a teacher I had never met or even seen in person before was because my life was a living HELL.

A living HELL Of my own making I might add…

Yes I had a background in psychology.

NO, I never really “got” the dream world, never really understood how analyzing a dream could help me pay my bills.

In fact in the early days of what would become my training (I didn’t realize this at the time), I would sit in CIRCLE and roll my eyes and think internally, “really lady, you had a dream about a hamburger and a donkey, and we are going to sit and pick this shit apart for 2 hours??? Give me a break!”

It was torture.

Then one night The Medicine Dream arrived and granted me passage into the world that now leads and guides the work I do today.

I share this dream often, but only in the intimacy of workshops and one on one sessions.

However I feel that the “medicine” of this dream is being called out of many women at this time.

Women are being CALLED to RISE.

And as we RISE lets be aware of what “aspect” of ourselves we are feeding…

So without further adieu,

Here is a medicine Dream for YOU.

(I recommend reading this slowly, take in the “players” and see if you can sniff out the “medicine” of the message.)

The dream begins,

I was in a car.

My Mother was driving, my Grandmother was in the front passenger seat, I was in the backseat.

I suddenly remembered that we had left my sister’s infant baby at home alone.

I started yelling,

“Mom we MUST turn around!!! We haven’t fed the baby! The baby is home alone and it has not been fed!!!!!”

My mother replied to me seriously,

“Your Grandmother will EAT fIrst”.

If this was real life my mom would have gone to jail for leaving a baby behind, hungry and alone.

Ahhhh but this is NOT real life, this is the medicine of the unconscious giving us access to DIRECT guidance to aid in our growth.

I’m not going to give the medicine away. Because if this feels like we are talking about hamburgers and donkeys and there is an eye roll involved it won’t be relevant.

However IF the medicine of this dream has caught your attention,

IF you can SEE the simple “aspects” of yourself at play here.

The baby, The child, The mother and GRANDMOTHER, then you are on your way.

Just because you are a grown woman does not mean that The baby isn’t still “active in your life.

My question for you is this;

What aspects of YOU are you feeding?