Welcome to my two part blog series: How I went from BROKE to BLESSED.

I’m in India and I’m pissed… So there I was, in India at a spiritual school for Awakening with no less then 500+ people from around the world. A beautiful, flawless, Indian Guide wearing a whiter then white “I’m an indian Guide” outfit steps up to the podium of our HUGE meditation hall and says though his madonna head set;

“If you have an unresolved relationship with your father you will have difficulty with money”

I sat speechless… Speechless and pissed… Yes PISSED OFF at the ashram, pissed off wearing my “I want to look like and Indian Guide” outfit and wanting to choke myself with my mala beads…. Are YOU trying to tell me that the reason I can NEVER seem to manage the money I make, the fact that I have to rev up myself ” A la Rocky Balboa” style just to look at my bank balance and my lifelong habit of overspending, ignoring and well yes disrespecting money in general comes from the fact that I never speak to my Dad?

Yes it’s was true, I ignored my Dad at all costs. At holidays I adopted the “grin and bear it” attitude all the while my “Poopy Diaper syndrome” was in full effect. I had a smile on my face, I looked good, I hugged him but WOW something stinks here… It was ME. I was holding onto some SHIT that went down in the past, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t “let it go” I couldn’t “move on” I couldn’t FORGIVE.

The guide went on to say  “the relationship with your father and money are mystically linked” when the relationship with your father is healed opportunities, wealth consciousness, and MONEY will flow effortlessly into your life. BONUS he promised, you will also discover your life’s purpose…

OK he’s got my attention now. I’m still PISSED that I have to look at my relationship with my Dad AGAIN, but what he said stirred something deep inside me. I’m considering the stack of books at home on how to manage your finances, in one fell swoop I’m seeing YEARS and YEARS of financial struggle that included a business bankruptcy and a HORRIBLE Divorce that was ALL about money…

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Until next time beautiful,