How To Call IN and REMEMBER your Dreams
Heather Lindemenn

One of my FAVORITE ways to RECEIVE Guidance, and connect to my own inner Wisdom is by working with my Dreams!

Learning the language of the Dream World was a little tricky for me at first but once I was given access to the MEDICINE of the symbols in my dreams I have NEVER looked back!

And what I’ve learned over the years is, I am my own best DREAM interpreter!

See ya later one size fits all dream dictionaries!

The first step to working with Dreams is to REMEMBER your dreams!

Did you know we have on average 5-7 Dreams a NIGHT!

Now that’s A LOT of dreams to remember, so in the beginning aim to recall just 1 dream a night.

Here we go…

HOW to call IN and Remember your Dreams:

This process is simple and it really works I promise!

“I haven’t been able to remember my dreams in weeks. I followed these steps and wow! ” EA, Encinitas Ca.


Set yourself up:

Setting yourself up to receive and remember a dream tells the internal dreamer you are serious about receiving the important messages and Guidance it has for you.

  • Before you go to sleep bring a pad of paper or a journal to your bedside.
  • Open the journal or pad of paper to a clean blank page, and lay it somewhere within your reach when you are in bed.
  • Place a pen that has been clicked and ready to use on top of the journal or pad.

STEP #2:

Set the intention: 

Now with a sincere intent say, either out loud or silently in your heart,

I petition to Remember my dreams tonight

Thank you Dreamer for helping me to REMEMBER my dream or dreams tonight. 

Thank you for sending me an easy dream to work with.

Remembering and receiving the messages of our dreams gives us direct contact with our Soul. Thus Dreamwork is a sacred process and should be treated as such. If you are sincere, the dreamer will GIFT you with abundant amounts of Rememberings!

STEP #3:

Write down the Dream!

IMPORTANT: When you awake, whether in the middle of the night, or first thing in the morning, BEFORE  you go to the bathroom, BEFORE tending to kiddos, BEFORE getting out of bed, write everything you can remember from at least 1 Dream.

*If you wake up and can only remember a fragment of a dream, write it down. Often times even a sliver of a dream can unravel the rest of the dream and sometimes even bring the Dream memory of other dreams from that night as well.

* If you wake up with the dream memory close and you lose it all you have to do it write down, I had the dream and I lost it. The dream felt_______. The colors were______, when I woke up my body felt______.

Describe how you feel or how you think the dream felt and be OPEN to receiving MORE or all of that dream. Usually when doing this within a few minutes the dream will begin to reappear.

Do this process for a week or so, remember Dream memory is like a muscle. It gets stronger when it’s used!

And once we start paying attention to our Dreams, our Dreams pay more attention to US!

Don’t forget to let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Happy Dreaming,




  1. Erin

    Good Morning…I haven’t been able to remember my dreams in weeks. I followed these steps and wow! I can’t remember all of my dream but I wrote everything I could down. It will be cool to see how this works for the rest of the week and beyond. Thank you for your gifts xoxox

    • Heather

      Erin!!! I am so excited you gave this a try!!!!!! We are in a relationship with our dream world, once we start paying attention it pays attention to us! (like any other relationship right?) We will keep this conversation going I promise!


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