“You can transform the most ordinary of rooms into an intimate sacred space, into an environment where every day you come to the meeting with your true self with all the joy and happy ceremony of one old friend greeting another.”–Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Something REALLY mystical happened when I started writing this blog for you. I was searching the internet for a juicy quote on sacred space and the quote above was the first one I found. Here’s the mystical part….The Tibetan Book Of Living and Dying arrived in my hands shortly after my beautiful Mama left her body. I was 23. After her death was when I started spontaneously creating sacred space for my grieving process and THIS BOOK was on each and every altar I created. WHOA!

“You can’t make that shit up!”

OK, one more share and I’ll make this part short but I think it’s important .

Fast forward a few years I entered into a  full blown LOVE AFFAIR with setting sacred space and RITUAL while traveling in Mexico studying with my first teacher, (this is the IMPORTANT PART). I was shown that the art of “tuning in,” listening AND following internal guidance when setting a space for sacred conversations and events is not only setting a stage for a healing process it IS a HEALING PROCESS in and of itself!


That’s the LOVE AFFAIR part. When I prepare for workshops, one on one sessions, and retreats, I enter a seduction that would make you blush. Because I might be good at what I do, but I am 100% sure I’m not responsible for the miraculous healings and transformations that are occurring in the lives of the women who come here to work with me.

I am seducing the BIG GUNS and let me tell you mama I am GOOD AT IT and I am gonna teach you how to be good at it too!

OK Let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

How to “Tap Into your HEART”

I will be using the term “Tapping Into your heart” A LOT and this is how to do it:

  • Close your eyes take a deep breath.
  • Focus on your heart.
  • Now ask your heart a question.
  • Then let the creativity and guidance flow! It might look like ideas, or “what if I did this” or you might just start rocking and rollin and setting some seriously yummy space!
  • The BIG point is to just  START.
  • Oh and I created a little guided meditation that shows you how to do it to.

SUPER POWER this personal and SACRED healing process by:

Allow yourself to get creative, be curious and have fun! Be authentic and honest with yourself and stay OPEN to ideas as they arrive. There is no right or wrong way to do this! Oh and take a LOT of deep breaths.

Let’s get started!!!

Connect to your intention for the space: What are you going to do there? What is the outcome you desire? Example: My office is a yurt. A LOT of women come to this place to receive BIG HOLY SHIFTING healings. And even though the women are different the intent for this sacred place is always the same. My intent is that each women will feel safe, comfortable and welcome AND that she will SEE and EXPERIENCE what stands in the way of the life she came here to live. (Amen) It works EVERY TIME!

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: It might be obvious to you, it might not. Based on what you are desiring, feel into “where” your conversation or event wants to take place. Example: When Jim and I were planning our wedding, (talk about a sacred event!) We were clear on how we wanted to feel. Then we tapped into the “WHERE”. To our surprise we were lead to the privacy and intimacy of our own land where we exchanged vows under an 80 year old elm tree! It was PERFECT!


Clean it up baby! Now that you have been guided to the place (that could be a corner of your bedroom a place in nature or the living room of your BFF’s house) Clean the bejesus out of it! I mean CLEAN! Vacuum, clear clutter, wash dishes, beat the dust out of the pillows and if your sacred space is the bed for a little Sacred Lovin, do all of the above ++ change the sheets and wash your comforter! AND CLEAN YOURSELF! Take a shower, wash your hair, shave your legs and put on clean fresh clothes.

IMG_0029SMOKE IT OUT: I feel this step is essential! Now that you and your space is physically clean it’s time to get energetically clean. This step is called “Smudging.” I like to use any one of the following: Sage, copal incense, frankincense or palo santo wood. Simply put, these sacred smokes have been used to purify space and people for centuries. You will feel the difference BIG time! “Smudge” yourself AND anyone else entering your Sacred Space. IMPORTANT, before you light up, open up ALL the windows and doors to your space and keep the doors and windows open for some time.




Set the STAGE: You are clear on your intention, you have located your Sacred Space and you have physically and energetically cleaned and cleared the way for your soul party. Now, once again tune into your heart. What wants to be there? Remember you are seducing in POWERFUL guidance to help you. What would make the Giver of the Gift happy? Consider adding candles, flowers, incense, delicious food, sweets, comfortable places to sit and heart opening music. It doesn’t have to be all of this, again just ask your heart.

Viola! Your Sacred Space is set for your RITUAL, Sacred event or Healing Ceremony!


Speaking of all those yummy soul parties, stay tuned as I will soon be sharing a few RITUALS for life’s most Sacred events….

My intent is that by sharing what I am personally guided to do, you too will REMEMBER what’s true for you! As Women we REMEMBER through each other. Because we have this in us. It’s an ancient KNOWING, and our birthright to deeply connect to what is SACRED AND TRUE.