Hello Beautiful,

Is there an area of your life that is calling (ahem, SCREAMING) for a HOLY SHIFT?

IF there is, then these 5 SUPER YUMMY, SUPER POWERED process I am about to share with you just might do the trick!

What I am about to share with you are my tried and true foundations of accessing deep and lasting transformation in myself and in others. My “go to’s” to find connection and PEACE.


Let’s do this baby!!!


Create a Sacred Space for your home based HOLY SHIFT:

I made you a really fun and easy guide: “How to create Sacred Space” and it’s over on the BLOG.

Read this first, get all set up and proceed to the next step!


Call in the BIG GUNS:

Once you have created your sacred space for your HOLY SHIFT, it’s time to call in THE GRACE. Sit quietly, focus on your heart and connect to what is SACRED to you. Is it God, the Universe, your Divine BFF? Just sit for a moment and INVOKE the GRACE and presence of SPIRIT. And ask this GRACE to be so fully present for you that you can actually FEEL and sense it’s loving and compassionate “presence”.


Get out of your head and into your HEART:


If we could think ourselves out of our suffering we would have done it a LONG time ago!  REAL lasting and deep transformation is accessed through the heart.

Place your hand over the center of your chest.

Ask you body to open the gateway to your sacred heart. Ask that you might hear the voice of your TRUTH. And ask your heart to grant you the experience of FEELING what you need to feel.

(Remember thinking get you more suffering, FEELING is the gateway to transformation)

Take some deep breaths and inquire within,

  • Which emotions have been trying to get my attention lately.
  • Are you having seemingly unrelated experiences that are bringing up the same emotion. (like anger, or jealousy?)
  • Just see if those emotions are available.
  • This IS a mystical process!!!!

FYI it is through the HEART that ALL transformation is experienced.

WARNING: This Heart Centered Guided Meditation process might just bring up some deep old feelings. There is an art to “How to experience feelings rather than THINK about your feelings… READ THIS FIRST!



We have become desensitized as a result of too much information. We are hammered with it everywhere. Social media, email, over committing our time, over working and receiving and sending grotesque amounts of text messages just to name a few. (You know it, because you are living it). Our bodies literally can’t “FEEL” anymore. I can’t tell you how many women come to me saying, “I feel numb”, Or “I feel disconnected” and leave the HOLY SHIFT weekend fully connected to their bodies and TOTALLY UNBLOCKED! That is why it is essential to your HOLY SHIFT that you get SOFT and re~Sensitize your beautiful body. Here are just a few ways that you can GET SOFT at home.

  • Get out in nature. ALONE. Walk SLOWLY, with no music. Just you, nice deep breaths and nature. Make it a walking meditation where you connect with your surroundings the sites, smells and sounds. Find a bench, sit and take 10 deep conscious deep full breaths. (I think we may do this on Saturday after a big deep process. If you decided to do this join us in your heart!)
  • Groove OUT! Close the curtains and drop into your favorite music that opens you up from the inside out. Now this isn’t your sexy dance floor routine. I want you to move your body in weird and wonderful ways that you would NEVER do in public. Listen into your body and MOVE for at least 20 min. While you are doing this you may just start crying, or laughing… Love yourself enough to stay with what’s happening. If you get pissed go as deeply as you can into it!!!! Let it rip! Because your HOLY SHIFT depends on it!

Step #5:


Create a really yummy soft warm sacred resting space using your SACRED SPACE GUIDE. Deliberately lay down and REST. Commit to stay there for at least 30 min even if you don’t feel tired. Just see what comes up. You could begin to process BIG TIME and by that I mean you may start experiencing deeply held emotions and those stuck feeling are the key to your HOLY SHIFT.

DEEP BREATH… The process has begun. Go back to the petitions you made in your heart during the guided meditation. What have you experienced, what are you feeling? Make room for your heart your desires and your truth….


OK my love, whether we meet in your heart or in person, my prayer is that you will receive a soul rocking experience that makes you scream HOLY SHIFT!