Yo Momma!

When it’s time to grow you KNOW.

You know because you find yourself on your knees. You can’t blame any more and the wine stops working.

I know because I’v been there.

That’s actually why I’m here with you today, because I’m called to help, to give YOU the gift that was given to me.

and that GIFT is LIBERATION.

Inside these three blogs below are tools and processes that might just help you GROW ummmmm right NOW!

#1: To see is to be FREE!

What you can’t see about yourself is ruling your life. It’s showing up at work, in your relationships and it’s standing in the way of not only hearing your inner voice but actually trusting it! Here’s a little diddy that explains what I couldn’t see and how it effected my relationships and my bank account

“Pissed in India”

#2: You have been living groundhog day for a LONG time. Repeating patterns are playing out like a broken record. You have “Self-Helped” yourself to death. You are ready to FINALLY experience the life in you that has yet to be lived!

“Suck it Groundhog Day”

#3 Resistance rules. Have you ever had a kick ass motivation to grow, that determination that says “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH” I’m miserable and something has to change NOW? And then EVERY EXCUSE in the book shows up as you end up talking yourself out of making that leap of faith in lieu of staying stuck???

“From Darkness into Light”

Oh baby, you gotta know I’m speaking from experience! It ain’t no award winning novel but it is my story, how I got here and where I can take you.

My Story

Sending you LOVE and a few fanny spanks on your JOUNEY HOME.