Hello Beautiful,

I don’t know about you but after a juicy week serving clients, family, doggies and home, I need a lazy Sunday RITUAL.


Just like you, I can’t always have a lazy Sunday, so when one presents itself I drink it in as the healing, heart opening elixir that it is.

As an offering from my cozy couch to yours, here is my simple, soft, easy Lazy Sunday RITUAL.

I hope you enjoy….

Let’s get started!

The Formula:
Uninterrupted time alone + Items of inspiration + Journal and a pen.

Uninterrupted time alone is essential for a lazy Sunday RITUAL. Something mystical happens when you are alone. Answers come, your sacred Heart can speak. Rumi says it best…

“There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen” Rumi

NOTE: If you have brought you phone ipad or computer to the RITUAL you are NOT alone. Your thousands of friends and followers are there just a bing away. Loose it babe. You will thank me for this later.

Now that you are all cozy and alone (sweet freedom!) Gather your items of inspiration. This can be a deck of divination or tarot cards, a book of poetry or your favorite magazine. Maybe you throw a candle in the mix and the hawk feather you found on your walk. Keep it simple and bring to the couch what your heart calls for.

Now, take a deep breath my love and allow your eyes and heart to explore. Do what I call a “faith flip” in your poetry book and read what your heart has guided you to. Open your magazine SLOWLY and allow your creative self to wonder and vision away.

Make sure that you have your journal and a pen next to you so you can record the FLOOD of messages, Guidance, creativity, ideas and “Aha” moments that are sure to arrive!

Have FUN, rest, get inspired, have a good long cry and most of all ENJOY your lazy Sunday RITUAL!

I love you, I Love you, I Love you,