Hola Momma,

Are you experiencing repeating patterns in your life?

I call it Groundhog Day and it’s usually accompanied by some far away, eerie, scary music as that particular pattern that only YOU attract comes waltzing into your life.

At first you are taken off guard, like that chick in the scary movie; it’s dark it’s raining, the house is old, abandoned and yet she still goes to the door! Can’t she hear the music??? EVERYONE else is screaming NOOOOOOOOOO Don’t Do It!

But she does… and she suffers… EVERY-TIME.

(Sound familiar?)

Gosh it’s exhausting. For you and ALL your friends that have to hear your same scary movie story over and over again.

Baby are you ready to see a new movie? Star in a new show? One that feels FREE, has sunshine and the theme song is Happy, by Pharrell Williams?

The root cause, the “WHY” of your personal groundhog day is cuddled up, safe and sound inside of you.

It’s hidden.

DUH of course you can’t see it because at this stage of the game if you could SEE this Mofo you would have hurdled your stack of self help books at it, forever to be obliterated.

Get ready Momma, I am about to share with you the TOP 2 POWER-TOOLS that I use in the HOLY SHIFT Immersion that results in TOTAL LIBERATION from the scary movie of your life.

(Cue costume change into warrior panties)

Step #1: SEE

It is imperative to SEE where the root of your repeating patters live. Hint: this shit is OLD, like from your childhood kinda OLD.

Open your heart and reach WAY back and SEE that the emotion that your scary movie, repeating pattern, mofo groundhog day elicits is not new. In fact you have been unconsciously resisting feeling that feeling FOR A LONG TIME!

Yes, there is a repetitive FEELING (NOT THOUGHT) that is trying to be experienced.Can you SEE IT?

Note: SEEING isn’t blaming, rationalizing or spiritualizing. SEEING takes inner integrity and honesty with SELF.

SEEING is NOT cerebral. SEEING IS, visceral…

Step #2: Experience

The final and MOST IMPORTANT step to becoming liberated from your repeating patterns is to fully EXPERIENCE that hidden emotion.

(This is where the previously mentioned warrior panties get their scene.)

You will find the director of your scary movie saddled firmly in the driver’s seat of your life.

Open the door and look it square in the eyes


and mount it. (yes I said mount)

Wrap your beautiful thighs around this baby and let it have it’s way with you.

This steamy HOT intimacy is the ONLY way to liberation.


Breath, sweat, cry, scream and laugh.

Let it pull your hair and spank your ass!

ROAR baby, ROAR!!!!!!!

When scene has reached it’s climax you are no longer in the dark.

You are surrounded by illuminating golden light.Your breath has gone from shallow to full deep and open.

You are FREE.

Enough said.

xoxoxo and a fanny spank,