Top 10 things you need to know about me:

1. My super power is a laser focus that reveals what is standing in the way of the life you wish to live (think red-hot knife through frozen butter).

2. I have ALWAYS been described as mischievous. ALWAYS.

3. I don’t meditate.

4.  I like coffee, wine, cheese and bread (in that order) and I eat organic food, chia seeds and yes, kale.

5. I am a destroyer of silent unspoken words and feelings (think Goddess Kali and her belt of decapitated heads). My Kali shows up when people are trying to hide their truth and it’s hurting them.

6. I am fiercely loving.

7. I have the vocabulary of a well-educated sailor. (You have been warned!)

8. This work is not my hobby it is my LIFE.

9. My husband says I am the cleanest person alive. I take no less than two baths a day.

10. I am deeply touched when others dare to show their truth.

BONUS: My internal compass is navigated toward God at all times.