I share with you these gifted words from a humble and FULL heart.

I am forever grateful and deeply honored to be in the presence of such brave and beautiful women.

– Heather


Heather’s work is remarkable. She’s a teacher, friend, soul sister, spiritual running buddy and so much more. She serves with grace and integrity and has no problem sharing her stories and life experiences which makes you so incredibly comfortable and loved. Her dedication to this work shines through in every session.

Jennifer Lahotski

Marketing Professional & Blogger, Grace is the new Glam

What to say about Heather… She greets you with her BEING that places you in a space to receive Divine guidance that comes more From a KNOWING than a teaching..

Her words sift through the mind and Pierce the heart with a softness and Peace that prompts grace in motion… My experience of both Deeksha blessings and private sessions have birthed results in areas of my life that I longed to awaken… For me, Heather is a High Priestess who brings a NEW STORY for the New world emerging..

I have never been as present to Life as since we have begun working Together… And I have been in Transformational work for many A-year… No novice am I… All from the heart… Heather defies defining by the language of the world we live in.

Alice Duquesne

Joyful thanks. My heart is opened in an area that I thought was “as good as it was gonna get” after YEARS of hard work, in a small moment of heart-opening….All. Was. Peace.

Sage Reeves

Massage Therapist, Women's Wellness

I am so happy!

I attended two SOFT retreats and they totally transformed my life and I am living my dream! I gained clarity on what would make me truly happy and asked for grace to make it a reality. My heart intention was answered both times and I now have confidence that I CAN indeed live my dream life. I have the power to make it happen and I truly feel I was gifted with the support to do so.

When you move in the direction of what your heart is asking for, doors open up and opportunities to fulfill on that intention unfold.

I am proof! I am now a stay at home mom, making money as an independent contractor working extremely minimal hours while my kids nap with a totally flexible schedule and am exploring buti yoga and dancing my butt off while I enjoy my newly found freedom!

I am the happiest I have ever been!

Nicole Arrizabalaga

Heather as a Spiritual Counselor created a safe sacred place to get to the Heart and Soul of the matter blocking me from a full Trusting Loving relationship with my Divine and my Soul’s evolution.

As a Spiritual Guide she utilized all her magnificent gifts of intuition, compassion, love and wise processes to get to the core of unhealed hurts in my relationships. The session provided healing, transformation and grounded practical practices to take home and continue the journey of Awakening, Full Healing and creating an intimate loving relationship with myself, the Divine and in my worldly relationships. Thank you Heather, I am in Gratitude,

Tammera Logan

Life Coach Healing Practitioner

For many years I have worked and experienced many different methods of healing with very successful and amazing healers of all different walks of life. All of which created unique shifts in my life making me the ever evolving woman that I am, yet I still felt stuck.  I felt like there was something stopping me from reaching the fullest of my potential. I began to pray that God would put in my life a goddess, I knew I wanted to work with female energy and that for some personal reasons my body and spirit craved it…then Heather showed up.

Not until I sat in her presence with just the two of us did I recognize I was in the hands of whom my Divine had sent to my rescue. She has the gift of creating a space that does feel, as she calls it “momma yurt,” a womb, the safest, warmest place for a baby to get nurtured and to be safe. Her guidance, expertise and most important the work that she has done on herself comes through her healing and spiritual guidance. Authenticity, raw truth, humbleness, humor, compassion, a non-judgmental attitude and honesty come shining through her. She doesn’t sugar coat and she truly cares about sharing her gifts but I have to say that the difference is that you truly feel loved by her.  I can go on and on as so many of you will agree with all of these and many more adjectives you can say about this special lady. For first time I felt provided with a real unique opportunity to open up to the deepest levels of my soul because I felt held and loved and with that alone my heart cracked open allowing Grace to come in, that whisper in my ear that said …your are home.

I am forever grateful for your own healing because it hast has lead you to this path.

I feel light even when there’s struggle, your suggestions, guidance and tools help me everyday, I am turning inside out and can’t wait for more until I am free and completely liberated.

Maria Thorton

Thank you for that great workshop! I have to say that is the best Forgiveness workshop I have been exposed too! I have been doing many years of personal growth and reflection and your class was the one that truly gave me the tools to let go and accept.
Accepting myself in those past experiences  truly has helped bring all my splintered pieces of myself back home. I am feeling more and more whole and the knot in my heart has begun to unravel.

JF, North County San Diego


Heather is radiant! Yet her greatest treat is that she helps bring out the radiance in everyone in her presence! She is blunt, hilarious, approachable…not one of those ‘holier than thou’ practitioners, but someone that you can laugh at it all with.  I am blessed to know her, to have participated in her gatherings and to call her a friend.  I look forward to experiencing her new yurt retreat space that I have heard is not to be missed!

With love,
Elise Purcell


I love your Transformation Tuesday programs!  They are very powerful and practical for me. The group sharing is always VERY helpful. I totally trust Heather as a guide.  She is non-invasive, yet able to be firm in a gentle way that is supportive.

When I describe Heather I tell people that she is down to earth, fun, and speak the truth of her heart.  Heather has lot of wisdom, practical techniques to offer and are an inspiring guide.

Deepaa Maria Mazzi, E-RYT 500



Heather created a lovely experience for us to really dig deep and and transform our beliefs around money while looking at our relationship with our father. Not only do I feel like I let go of years of emotions around my father, but got really clear what I was holding onto and how it was affecting my life and my bank account today. Heather not only creates a community with the women you take the class with, but instead of conceptualizing these ideas, you truly feel and experience this material so you heal and shift. I know wholeheartedly that what I experienced and learned in this workshop will be with me forever. I moved years of pain, and am now liberated to have a new relationship with money and my father. Heather, you are an amazing teacher, facilitator, and guide. Your passion and love that you bring to this shines through. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

Dawn Davis Beall, Intuitive healer and guide,

All I have to say is… YOU are worth it, YOUR RELATIONSHIPS are worth it, and it’s time to liberate yourself from old patterns & finally take control of your finances.


Going through Daddy & the Dollar is like a once in a lifetime opportunity to get out of your own way! SEE yourself and the root cause of your BEHAVIOR for the first time, and with a NEW set of lenses so to speak. You will FINALLY understand at a fundamental level how you have gotten to this point, why you continue to end up here, & HOW TO BREAK OUT of the vicious cycle!  

This truly was like an AWAKENING for me, and coming from someone who felt like they didn’t have the money to do it (cause I didn’t), I would spend the money twice over. I loved the entire experience & I would recommend it to anyone who has a daddy. Literally.

Stacey Harestad, Integrative Esthetician

After spending many years seeking therapists , reading self-help books, and trying new “methods,” when I saw that Heather was offering a program called “Daddy and the Dollar,” l felt that it was created just for me.


I was ready for a major shift, ready to get to the core of some issues, ready to change my programming.  Now, after just coming out of the 3 weeks, I feel cracked open and wide awake to the areas of my life that I didn’t want to look at.   It’s with this awareness that I can truly feel a liberation from my past programming and have already experienced some miraculous happenings.
I cannot say enough about this process and how grateful I am that Heather is offering it.  These 3 weeks have done more for me than years of therapy.  Thank you Heather, thank you thank you.

Courtney Mars, Encinitas