Navigating the Territory of NEW| 4 Month Program| Registration opens SOON!

From: $ 250.00 / month for 4 months



{All calls are 6-8pm PT}

January: 13th (Orientation) 2021

January 14th  +28th, 2021

February: 11th + 25th, 2021

March: 11th + 25th, 2021

April: 8th + 15th (final call) 2021


Navigating the Territory of NEW was a POWERFUL & LOVING safe place for the FIERCE in me to surface and the COURAGEOUS to do HER work! SH, NJ


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Navigating the Territory of NEW

This course begins with a story.

It’s your story and the treacherous journey you take each time you say YES to a BIG idea or Calling.

Like every good, juicy story, it has twists and turns. 

The heroine leaves the safety of HOME BASE and enters into Unchartered Territory…

She comes face-to-face with the voice inside her head–the Predator of Ideas–who for so many years has kept her ideas in the dark.

If the journey is to be successful, she MUST retrieve something VITAL in herself that has been abandoned, negotiated away, or forgotten. 

Access to her Wisest Self.

Without this, the heroine will never defeat the Predator.

It’s the ONLY way for her deep Soul Callings to be answered and her ideas to be liberated!

Facing your Inner Predator is a rite of passage.

You can’t avoid it.

The reason you default to confusion, don’t know where to start, or continue to abort mission on your callings, isn’t because your idea is bad…it’s NOT because others with more Instagram followers are doing it better than you…or because you picked the wrong high-priced coaching program.

It’s because something invisible has set up base camp right next to your BIRTHRIGHT to CREATE. 

And the simple truth is, the problem AND the solution exist in the same place.

It’s in the ROOTS.

If you’ve ever wanted to GIVE LIFE to an exciting idea that feels juicy and SOUL nourishing but can’t seem to get past the Inner Predator, I want to invite you on a New journey.

Friend, It’s time to claim your unlived life!


Welcome to Navigating the Territory of NEW.

This program is both Practical and Mystical.

It’s not a business course. It’s a deep dive to remove the barriers that keep you stuck. 

It’s a look at the journey you take every time you say YES to a BIG idea or calling from the inside out.

For 3 months, I’m going to act as your Guide to help you get to the ROOT of why you keep hiding or abandoning your creative ideas.

And I’m going to show you how to navigate this NEW territory, so you can breathe life into your Callings and Creations.

And you can say, “I DID IT!”

This course is open to 12 Women who are ready to answer a Calling to, Create, Shift or Step Into something NEW. We’ll meet 9 times, you’ll get a beautiful workbook delivered straight to your doorstep, and one private session with me, your Guide.


  • TWO PRIVATE 1:1 Session with Heather 
  • (9) LIVE Threshold Gatherings. We gather virtually via zoom.
  • BEAUTIFUL Printed and Bound WORKBOOK mailed directly to you..
  • The GUIDE™: My master GUIDE to successfully navigate growth from the inside out.
  • PRIVATE participant portal where video recordings of each gathering can be accessed 24/7.
  • PRIVATE Facebook group: Our sacred place to deepen and connect with each other, receive and offer support and share resources.
  • And, upon completion, a special hand-picked surprise will be mailed directly to you!


NEXT SESSION — January 2021



Navigating the Territory of NEW workbook acts as a paperbound GUIDE that helps you navigate deeply into the territory covered on each Threshold Call. 

It allows you to capture the GOLD from the deep internal, wise knowing self and bring it to the topside world. It gives you a space to SEE what’s happening clearly and a place to arrive at the best next step.

And BEST of all, the workbooks are printed, bound and mailed directly to your home! No more downloading and printing!!

The Workbook is divided into 4 sections: NEW beginnings, October, November, December. 

Each section:

    • Brings the inside OUT.
    • Contains important tracking tools and processes intended to help you see yourself clearly, to track your progress and to identify when and where you get stuck.
    • Worksheets specific to each month’s material help you track your progress and flesh out the processes in between calls. 
    • Soul Stream writing processes which are unique writing prompts designed to take you deeper into each month’s content.
    • There are plenty of blank journal pages in each section for important note taking and journaling in between gatherings.
    • And at the end of the workbook I created a safe keeping space for ALL of the inspired ideas that will come flooding in during the course.
    • There are a few other sacred surprises in the workbook too!

What other travelers have been saying about this course…

Navigating the Territory of NEW was a POWERFUL & LOVING safe place for the FIERCE in me to surface and the COURAGEOUS to do HER work! SH, NJ

“I cannot express in words how immensely valuable Navigating the Territory of NEW was for me. You truly helped me reconnect with my soul work and get in touch with some deep wounds and patterns the internal predator employs to keep me from doing this meaningful work and I loved being in the company of such amazing women who are committed to expanding meaning in their lives” CM LA, Ca.

I LOVED being a part of a group of women and feeling safe to share and learn more about who I am, where I am and what I would like my future to look like. Heather, you are an awesome teacher/facilitator! I loved the breathwork and I loved the workbook!!! JH, Encinitas Ca.

I really enjoyed reconnecting with parts of myself that I’ve put aside. After taking Navigating the Territory of New I feel more in tune with my internal compass and feel so good knowing which small moves I can make that will lead to the next stage of my life with more alignment. 

TL, La Jolla ca.

I loved the gentle, yet POWERFUL guidance you shared and the safe, unconditionally loving space that you provided. SH, NJ



  • You have 1-3 (or more) BIG ideas or callings you have been trying to say YES to.
  • You can commit to attending all nine of the gatherings. 
  • You are willing to put some things down that don’t really matter in order to make room and time for something that really does.
  • You are ready once and for all to get to the ROOT of why you haven’t  been able to complete the creation cycle in an important area of your life.
  • You MUST END the destructive pattern of killing off your IMPORTANT IDEAS!
  • Are open to linking arms with a dedicated group of Women and move beyond any self blame, shame or regret you might feel for not saying YES to your idea sooner. 
  • Are willing to come into a healthy relationship with discipline by taking one micro step at a time into NEW Territory.


  • You don’t have something important you want to do, create or shift right now.
  • You can’t attend LIVE via zoom the 9 Gatherings.
  • You want to talk about making a change but aren’t ready to make a move.
  • You are uncomfortable in groups.
  • You are hoping this will be a substitute for therapy. This course will go deep but it isn’t a substitute for therapy.


  • We meet LIVE on zoom. 
  • With a maximum of 12 dedicated women, our gatherings will be a private and intimate experience. 
  • We will have NINE calls total. 
  • Each participant will have a TWO PRIVATE one on one session with Heather during the course.
  • Everyone will be invited to join the private facebook group for support and sharing of resources.
  • All gatherings will be recorded and can be accessed via the participant portal.



{All calls are 6-8pm PT}

January: 13 (Orientation) +14th  +28th

February: 11th + 25th

March: 11th + 25th

April: 8th + 15th (final call)



PRICE: $1500

PAYMENT PLAN: 6 payments of $250

After 20 years of working on myself, Heather was able to call out the elephant in the room that I just wasn’t seeing.  I saw direct and immediate results from working with her.  She is direct, yet fully supportive. She is like an alarm clock with fun music you can dance to. If you want a big change, work with Heather. EP, Encinitas Ca.

I have made more progress in my healing process in a short amount of time working with Heather than in all the years I’ve done with others, she is truly gifted!!! EA, Carlsbad ca.

About Heather:

Heather Lindemenn is a well traveled guide of the Mysteries, masterful storyteller and mentor to women looking for deeply grounded guidance on their journey.

Heather believes everyone has the ability to heal their own wounds by traveling into the territory of the SOUL, where the ROOTS of wisdom reside, and the answers we seek are waiting to be retrieved. 

Her work teaches us how to communicate with SOUL through combining the mystical medicine of dreamwork, circle, ceremony and rituals, sacred storytelling, BreathWork and embodied movement. 

Heather lives in San Diego, California with her husband Jim, two dogs, Mattie, and Cooper and is the momma to The Momma Yurt retreat center which is located on their land.



Q: I have SO many ideas, I’m not sure which one to take into the Territory of New

A: Don’t worry, I’ve got you! We begin by initiating a mystical “sorting process” which allows the IDEA that’s ready to be birthed next to show itself. And the good news is you can use this sorting process for the rest of your life!

Q: Why is it important to commit to attending all 9 of the Gatherings LIVE?

A: Navigating into the Territory of NEW can be pretty tricky mainly because we have to get to the ROOT of something that has been invisible to you. One of the MYSTICAL aspects of working together as a group LIVE on zoom is, witnessing each other helps us to see ourselves more clearly! It’s how Women REMEMBER. And making a commitment to the material means the material commits to you!

Q: What happens after I register?

A: You will receive an email from me within minutes after you register with all the important information you need to get started! Also included in the email is a link to a brief questionnaire that will help me to get to know you better before we begin. 

Q: What happens if I have an emergency and I can’t make it to a Threshold gathering?

A: Gosh it’s so important to try and make it to all of the gatherings, but I get it, life happens friend. If you have an emergency and can’t make it just email me to let me know.

Q: When will I receive the printed workbook?

A: Hallelujah, no printing or downloading!!! You will have your beautiful printed and bound Workbook in your hands approximately 1 week before our first Threshold gathering. 

Q: Will the calls be recorded?

A: Yes! All of the calls will be recorded and uploaded in the participant portal within 24 hours of the gathering. 

Q: What is the Refund Policy

A: Online and downloadable courses are non refundable. By registering for the course you agree to my terms and conditions.

*Please feel free to email with any questions that were not answered above:

You stopped killing off your big ideas and could breathe LIFE to your SOUL centered CALLINGS?

You could trust yourself to go the distance and finally breath LIFE into that important idea you have been holding onto for so many years?

You could stop pacing around the life you say you want to live?

You are Invite to join 12 Women on a big beautiful, Inside OUT Journey, into The Territory of NEW!



*Please feel free to email us with any questions that are answered above:

Additional information

Payment Options

1 Payment: $1500, 6 Payments: $250


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