Immersion Into The Mysteries


Spring/ Summer 2020

A sacred, mystical journey for Women

This powerful 7 night intimate journey is for women who are answering the call to awaken the Inner Mystic.


YOU are being CALLED out of a life of overwhelm, disconnection and dissatisfaction,

Into a life that’s deeply connected to your own MYSTERY and TRUTH.

This isn’t a surprise to you,

You have been waiting for “The CALL”



Your initiation begins…

As a group we will gently enter the sacred realm of The Mysteries via our luxury beachfront villa located in Soliman Bay, Tulum, Mexico.

Gathering in sacred CIRCLE daily for breathwork, meditation, gentle embodied movement, potent practices and processes will grant you access to the powerful energetic FIELD of your Sacred HEART center.

As the days progress the truths you have been seeking will be revealed.

Our temple time on the beach will prepare us for a day long journey to an ancient Mayan town located in the interior of the Yucatan. There, you will have the option to receive a SACRED INITIATION, in the form of a deeply transformational Healing from a Master Mayan Healer, our dear friend Abuelo Antonio.

Upon return from the interior your deep personal integration begins.

The loving cocoon of your beachfront paradise offers a day of silence, deep sleeps, soul softening beach walks and nourishing food…

Integration births LIBERATION.



Having gained access to the wisest part of you,

The mysteries of your life are now available.

A SOFTENING has arrived that allows you to experience connection to nature, others and self.

As we gather back in sacred CIRCLE we shall feast on the GIFTS this Mystical Journey has delivered.

Experiencing the life changing awareness, “The answers were in ME all along!”

Sacred witnessing and sharing with your fellow Priestesses anchors your life shifting “A-Ha” moments.

Clarifying your new found tools for accessing “The FIELD” of the mysteries of YOU insures that the FLOW of TRUTHS flooding into your HEART will continue once you have arrived back home.


  • Uncover and HEAL the energetic root cause of your suffering.
  • Experience true intimacy and connection with yourself and others.
  • Access the solutions you have been longing for.
  • Activate and nurture your intuition.
  • Resensitize and restore your nervous system.

“Heather, how do I even come close to thanking you for what you have ignited with in me? I have been on this path for some time now… A seeker for all of my adult life, and nothing has really stuck…. until this. Something is very different this time… The women, my soul sisters with who I am sharing this with, I could not do this work without their support and love and I learn so much from each and every one of them… mirrors to my soul…

D.H. Encinitas, Ca.

IN LAK’ECH! We are one!

We will celebrate the birthing of your Inner Mystic and your Initiation into The FIELD of the MYSTERIES with a BEAUTIFUL beachside closing dinner celebration!

Put on your most beautiful beach dress and sip a cold prosecco as we leisurely dine on another delicious meal prepared by our private chef!

As our time together comes to a close you will return home with GIFTS you will utilize forever and ever,



This immersion is open to women only.


Location: Private Villa, Tulum Mexico

Price: Starting at $3045.00, see below for room options and whats included. * Payment plans available. Payment plan option ends March 30.

Getting there: Fly into the Cancun Airport, Mexico

*Airport shuttle to and from Tulum will be arranged after registration. Shuttle fee is not included in immersion fee.

The gift you gave me Heather is the release from “lack mentality”, the poor pitiful me syndrome, the “nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I’m gonna eat some worms” syndrome and moved me into the “ask and you shall receive” modus operandi.  


Once you can see (using your handy dandy HL tool box) the treasure is found, the lottery won! Amen.


Love and mucho gratitude,

K.D, Vista Ca.


6:45 am: Optional Sunrise Meditation. You are invited to gather on the rooftop terrace to greet the magical morning. Each day a new meditation technique will be offered.

7:30-9:00am: Breakfast: Enjoy organic coffee, teas and freshly made juices and smoothies + fresh tropical fruits, egg dishes and more.

9:00-12:30: First Session

Each session of each day we will deepen as a group into a remembering and an AWAKENING of your Truths. You will experience POWERFUL life transforming processes and tools.

12:30-4:30: Lunch, Rest, pooltime, beach combing, paddle board, kayak or schedule a massage at the neighboring Jashita Hotel!

4:30-7:00: Second Session

7:00-8:30: Dinner, deep breaths, warm ocean breezes candlelight…

8:30-9:30: Optional evening program. Evening programs offer gentle movement, meditation, sound healing or an evening ritual.


Tankah Bay, Tulum, is a private, gated community located on one of the most protected bays in the Riviera Maya.


Our SACRED TEMPLE Villa is a hidden gem located beachfront in quiet protected community of Tankah Bay Tulum. The Villa has six beautiful bedrooms. The floor to ceiling sliding glass doors in the main living room open up directly onto the beach. From here to beyond the swimming pool, only a few tall palm trees sway between you and the majestic Caribbean Sea. Our beachfront villa includes a private pool, 4 kayaks, paddle boards, snorkeling gear, sun chaises and shaded outdoor lounge areas. The offshore barrier reef offers incredible snorkeling! Additionally, daily housekeeping, private parking and onsite security are provided.


Each beautiful suite at Villa Soliman is oceanfront, has it’s own bathroom and balcony, and is completely air-conditioned.

Single Occupancy means you will have the room to yourself.

Double Occupancy means you will have a roommate.

NOTE: If you are traveling with someone you know, you may share any King suite (One Shared King bed). Please Email us for king suite double occupancy pricing options.

Your immersion fee includes:

  • A one hour live call before the journey on: The Art of Sacred Travel + Q&A
  • 7 nights luxury accommodation in a Beachfront Villa.
  • 3 nourishing organic meals a day prepared by our Private Chef.
  • Facilitated gatherings each day that include Guided Healing Experiences, Embodied Movement practices, Meditation and Sacred RITUALS.
  • Transportation to and from an ancient Mayan town for a healing excursion.
  • Personalized GIFT bag for each participant.
  • All supplies for RITUAL’S
  • Beautiful closing dinner celebration.


  • Healing Initiation with Mayan Healer ($200 usd or equivalent in pesos)
  • Spa Services at the neighboring Jashita Hotel

Your Immersion fee does not include:

  • Travel to Cancun.
  • Shuttle to and from Tulum. (Shuttle arrangements will be organized after everyone has registered)

Heather, I want to thank you for the time, attention, sensitivity and wisdom you shared with me. Our time together was exceptionally comforting and nurturing ~ exactly what I was needing. Being immersed in your love and support all of my senses were saturated with tenderness. The  healing space you created allowed me to let go and allow my feelings to surface while being held and comforted.

RK, Carlsbad Ca.

Robin Kuhn


Heather Lindemenn

Heather Lindemenn

The Yucatan is the place of my personal adult spiritual initiation. I was “CALLED” into the sacred Mayan “FIELD” 12 years ago by a series of significant synchronicities that I could not ignore. This life transforming land of the Maya awakened my intuition, granted me access to the TRUTHS I had been seeking and inducted me into the realm of the Sacred HEART Center.

The work I do today has been deeply informed by the initiations I received in the Yucatan while working with indigenous shamans, a gifted spiritual Guide and a desire to my AWAKEN through self awareness. It’s with a humble and grateful heart that I accept the CALLING to now lead, guide and initiate others to expand and awaken in this Mystical, life affirming, GIFT giving FIELD. The most important part of my journey HOME was answering “The CALL”

IN LAK’ECH!, We are one!


Read more about Heather HERE

Jim Lindemenn

Jim Lindemenn

I have been meditating and teaching meditation for over 40 years. I have traveled to India many times, chanted mantra, gazed at yantras, lived in ashrams, studied with powerful Gurus, and have facilitated countless workshops and courses. Recently my wife, Heather, received a deep calling to travel back to a place held dear in her heart, the Yucatan. While my spiritual, devotional experiences are rooted in India and it’s sacred traditions, I was excited to experience what the Yucatan had to show me. Once there, I became aware that a similar POWER and GRACE to that of Mother India was present. As the days progressed a mystical FIELD opened its arms to me. I am grateful to join Heather in supporting this special Immersion by offering the gifts that have guided me on my spiritual journey of self discovery.



Read MORE about Jim HERE

Intuitively guiding groups is my LOVE. And at this stage of the game I believe one of the GIFTS that I have to give to the world. I was initiated into the powerful energies of working together in circle by my first teacher in the Sacred Mayan FIELD of the Yucatan. It is my honor to offer this gift to you in the form of “Immersion Into The Mysteries”. It is my prayer that you too will be shown your gifts and guided HOME thus forever changed. – Heather


Is It Possible To Have A Call With Heather To Help Me Decide If This Is Right For Me?

Absolutely! Email our Client Services director, Alyson Melrose, to set up a time to talk at

What Airport do I Fly Into?
You will be flying into the Cancun airport. Please book your flight to arrive into Cancun no later than 5:00 pm May 9th.
What Time Does The Immersion Start?

You are welcome to arrive at the Villa anytime after 4pm, May 9th. Welcome dinner will be at 7PM. Note: Airport transport takes 1.5 hours.


What Time Does The Immersion End?

Breakfast will be served the morning of May 16th. Airport transports will be arranged first thing that morning depending on flight times. Departing flights should be booked for the afternoon (no earlier than 1:00). Note: Airport transport takes 1.5 hours.


How Do I Get To The Villa In Tulum?

Once everyone has registered we will be arranging group transportation to and from the Cancun Airport. We work with a very reputable and reasonably priced service.

Airport transportation is not included in the price of the retreat and will be quoted based on the number of participants in the shuttle.

What If I Want To Arrive a Few Days Early or Leave a Few Days Late?

We don’t blame you! If you are looking to extend your vacation please feel free to do so, however no additional room reservations or transportation will be available through our services. Any additional trip plans will need to work around the start and end times set for the immersion.

If you are interested in staying longer Tripadvisor is also a fantastic place to look or here are some of Heather and Jim’s favorite hotels!

Will There Be Free Time?
Absolutely. The schedule changes from day to day. Every day offers plenty of beach, pool and lounging time.
Is This A Co-Ed Retreat?

This immersion is for Women only, however, Heather’s husband Jim will also be facilitating. His expertise is meditation and breathwork.

What Type of Food Will Be Available?
Our private chef will be preparing meals 3 meals each day. Gluten Free and vegetarian options available.
I’m ready to Register NOW! What Do I need to FIRST?

(YAY!) You need to choose your beautiful beachfront room and REGISTER. Next, locate your passport (make sure it is up to date!) and book your flight You will receive an email from Alyson Melrose, our client service Director, with a detailed “next steps” guide. However, the first thing you will need to do is book your flight!

If I Have More Questions, Who Do I Contact:
Please contact us with any further questions at