SOUL is calling.

Can you hear Her?

She wants to take you on a journey from your head to your heart and into the wisdom root of SOUL.

 Because the answers you’re looking for are found in deep, rich territory.

At your root is your

Inner Elder

And she has been trying to talk to you.

But you’re not able to hear her.

She is your wisdom…the most ANCIENT part of you.

Waiting to help you grow UP.

To move out of the wounded child and into the territory of the Elder.

To help you understand why change is hard.

Why you keep repeating the same patterns.

Resisting the thing you say you want.

She is there waiting, to help you re-member.

It’s a sacred journey…

To gain access to your own ancient wisdom, you have to travel into an unknown territory.

And this is a journey I know well.

Are you ready to make a move?

The decision is Yours