Symbol Speak

A self paced, online Soul Journey.

This course is for SOUL travelers ready to retrieve direct Guidance NOW.

ACCESS more depth, meaning and connection in your day to day life.
RETRIEVE important guidance hiding in plain sight.
ACTIVATE your inner Mystic.
REMEMBER how to interpret the meaning of symbols that arrive in your dreams.


Are you wanting more depth, meaning, and connection in your day to day life?

Have you become numb, or disconnected to life’s subtle messages and guidance?

Have you stopped trusting your own inner guidance?

Are you tired of always having to reach outside of yourself for the answers?


Many of us have become disconnected from our own WISDOM.

We have forgotten the old ways of hearing, seeing and RECEIVING guidance.

What we all need are easy ways to RE-MEMBER!

Did you know a symbol, or symbolic scene, that appears to have nothing to do with you, can actually offer you specific, direct guidance about you, and your life?

It’s true, Symbols CAN Speak!

Symbols are like mirrors reflecting you back to yourself.

Rather than looking to books, internet searches or the knowledge of another, Symbol Speak offers a way to RETRIEVE unique messages directly from the symbols themselves.

This is not a NEW way of working with symbols.

This is an old, ancient way of REMEMBERING how to communicate with the world around you.


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