Welcome Darling,


I know you are here for a reason.


You are tired, confused, hurt, overworked, undersexed, disconnected, easily irritated and STUCK.


You are experiencing the groundhog day of difficult repeating patterns in your relationship with; Partners, money, family, friends, self esteem and spirit.

You are on your knees and ready for a SHIFT. 

Something in you is whispering (or screaming) slow down, push pause on your day to day life, take some TIME for yourself and come “HOME”.

And I have a sneaky suspicion that even though your HEART (and everyone in your life) is begging you to slow down there is another part of you that may be looking for a quick fix or a fast track to get you out of suffering NOW.

Time for a Tough LOVE fanny spank.

If you want to be LIBERATED from those repeating patters, live wide AWAKE and fully experience everything the world has to offer you will have to take some TIME for you.

Fast track and quick fixes DO NOT WORK.

After nearly 10 years of facilitating women’s circles, workshops, national and international retreats, advanced women’s programs and one on one sessions I have learned that lasting liberation and deep soul shifting transformation takes TIME.


And TIME is the precious GIFT you will find HERE.

  • TIME to learn and grow.
  • TIME to awaken to the innate wisdom that resides inside you.
  • TIME to heal and transform.
  • TIME to connect to YOU.
  • Time to relax into you and connect to the deep truth of who you REALLY are.

Deep breath babe, you have arrived…

Welcome to the NEW FULL DAY Private HOLY SHIFT Immersion.

Whether you live here in San Diego, on the other side of the world and anywhere in between GIFTING yourself with 1 or a series of Holy Shift Private Immersion days could very well change your life.

I know because taking TIME for me has been the #1 most powerful aspect of my own personal growth and healing journey.

Private Immersions are custom full day experiences created for YOU.

Just me and YOU babe.

We begin with an in depth skype or phone call.

This is my time to get to know you, to hear your voice and most importantly, your heart…

From here your Private HOLY SHIFT Immersion begins to take form.

Next step: Sashay your way to me!



  • Learn why repeating patterns are happening and how to STOP them FOREVER.
  • Heal relationships, with money, self esteem and spirit.
  • Learn how to STOP the groundhog day of relationship issues.
  • Awakening to the deep wisdom that resides inside of you. Because deep down inside you YOU KNOW the answer and I am going to help you find it!
  • Move through your blocks to live a fully liberated life.
  • Learn how to experience abundant gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance.
  • Learn to tune in, SEE and HEAR how life communicates with you.
  • Creating a lasting and deep connection to Divinity.
  • Healing old wounds.
  • More peace. More joy. More bliss. (Yes please and Amen!)

YOUR Private full day HOLY SHIFT Immersion INCLUDES:

  • An in depth call with Heather prior to your immersion day.
  • Custom personal full day immersion created just for you.
  • 1 full day (or days) of private, exclusive one on one time with Heather.
  • Powerful processes and exercises designed to lovingly reveal the TRUTH behind your suffering.
  • Yummy Personal Immersion Kit: Includes tote bag, journal, incense and MORE!
  • Initiation into my essential for growth, SOFT™ movement practices.
  • Mystical “remembering” RITUALS.
  • Guided meditations and journaling exercises that open you from the inside out!
  • Together we will create a custom 30 plan filled with next steps and supportive practices.
  • 30 min follow up check in session.
  • Deep breaths and DEEP dives into the HEART of you.
  • Organic farm to table meals, beverages, snacks included.
  • Beautiful closing ceremony.
  • And a boatload of GRACE!


  • You can expect to be greeted with LOVE and a deep honoring of your journey so far.
  • Each Private Immersion is a unique intuitively guided experience.
  • Private Immersions are typically 6-7 hours, however extra days and overnight stays can be added for an additional cost.
  • There are only 4 Immersions available each month.
  • Private Immersions are facilitate here on my land at the Momma Yurt Retreat Center in Vista, ca.
  • Private Immersions can be scheduled any day of the week based on availability.
  • Private Immersions are offered to women only at this time.

Add on’s:

  • Want more TIME? Add an additional day or days!
  • Stay overnight in The Momma Yurt! Yep, we now offer overnight stays.
  • Add a 90 min massage from one of our master healers.
  • Can’t make it to San Diego? Bring Heather to you. Private HOLY SHIFT immersions and intensives can be facilitated all over the world.

This is for you if:

  • You are new to working with me and are ready to deeply immerse yourself in a new and LIBERATING way of experiencing life.
  • We have worked together before and you ready for MORE: GROWTH, FREEDOM,Transformational processes, tools and LIBERATION.
  • Your are ready and willing for the game changing experience of pushing pause on the chaos of your day to life and come HOME to YOU.


Heather, I want to thank you for the time, attention, sensitivity and wisdom you shared with me. Our time together was exceptionally comforting and nurturing ~ exactly what I was needing. Being immersed in your love and support, and the comfort of the momma yurt, all of my senses were saturated with tenderness. The  healing space you created allowed me to let go and allow my feelings to surface while being held and comforted.

RK, Carlsbad, ca.



Email us today to schedule a time to discuss if a Private HOLY SHIFT Immersion is right for you.


When is it the right time for personalized work?

First of all I trust your HEART and I know that you will KNOW if a HOLY SHIFT Immersion is right for you.

AND I believe that the right time for this deeply shifting experience is when you find yourself whispering, “I can’t go on like this anymore”.

When you can clearly see that the faces might change however those difficult repeating experience keep showing up, again and again…

When you feel like something is missing and you feel totally disconnected.

The right time to experience a Private HOLY SHIFTING Immersion is when you have had ENOUGH suffering and you are REALLY READY for lasting change.

What kinds of things will we be working on?

I will meet you EXACTLY where you are. During our initial call I will get as clear as possible on what are the MOST important places for us to focus on. The information I receive from you will guide me in creating a custom immersion JUST FOR YOU.

Here are some of the areas we may work on:

Ending the groundhog day of repeating patterns and programs in your life. Resolving OLD wounds. Healing from the “busy trap,” connecting with your Divine Source or God, awakening to the blocks that stand in the way of your FREEDOM, and learn how to move past them forever.

We will work on how to experience abundant forgiveness and acceptance. You will learn to tune in, SEE and HEAR how life communicates with you. And SO much more!

What’s the biggest difference between your workshops and 1-on-1 work?
Personalized attention. Our 1:1 work is all about YOU–no distractions, no waiting to share, 100% YOU.

The HOLY SHIFT IMMERSIONS are facilitate here on my land in The Momma Yurt Retreat Center in Vista, Ca.

I am also available to travel to you for a minimum 3 day Immersion.

Will there be homework?

Based on your specific needs you may leave with practices, journaling exercises, guided meditations and other customized work that will seal the deal on your private Immersion.

Utilizing your 30 minute call will be your time to check-in, and at that time, I can answer any questions for you, see how you’re doing with your home practice and help you get over any hurdles or blocks that may be preventing you from getting to next.

What if I want more?

Ready to go deeper? Ready to Awaken to MORE? Schedule a series of full day Private HOLY SHIFT Immersions.